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Thursday, October 05, 2017 Written by 
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The catastrophic chaos seen in Las Vegas Sunday night has taken violence in America to a new level. It is now the number 1 mass shooting in the country, due to the number of victims shot, killed and wounded. It’s a record we can do without.


The timing could not have been more uncanny.  It happened a week before the GOP was to vote on relaxing regulations on gun silencers.  It caused the NRA to delay—not cancel—ad buys to get Republican lawmakers elected in Virginia.  These are the good ol’ boys whose elections are being funded by gun money.


So here we are again.  Saddened and frustrated by Congress’ unwillingness to do anything to make it harder for crazed shooters to get their hands on automatic weapons.  A report said Stephen Paddock possessed around 40 guns, between those found in his 2 homes and his Mandalay Bay hotel suite, from where he sent bullets raining down on country music concert goers.


And here we see Trump again, saying nothing about getting military-grade weapons away from dangerous civilians.  He only gave lip service to the tragedy because he knows the NRA helped get him elected. During his campaign, Trump spread the lie that attempts by Democrats to require background checks before purchasing guns, and banning assault weapons meant citizens would have their guns taken away. And because President Obama tried to get the legislation passed, it became Trump’s mission to see that the bill died. 


The question is, how many folks have to die before we do something to protect innocent citizens from senseless violence.  Why after Newton and Orlando are assault weapons still being sold to civilians?


On DailyKos, Nelba Marquez-Greene, mom of one of the Sandy Hook school victims went off in a series of tweets:


“We value guns, flags & fake acts of patriotism over people, pain.”


“Roughly 91 people per day die from guns in the United States and we do nothing.” 


“As a mom who had to bury a child- I could care less about perp color. But how come we never talk about angry White men w/guns?”  


Confronting the reality that the Las Vegas shooter is an angry white man is not likely to happen.  If Stephen Paddock were Muslim or black or gay, they would have sounded the alarms. 


Trump and the GOP will talk about law enforcement all day long, as long as it means racial profiling and throwing citizens in jail for minor offenses.  But when it comes to actually passing common sense gun control laws, we hear crickets.

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