Fighting the Good Fight

Thursday, September 25, 2014 Written by 
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It’s serious now.  The U.S. is officially at war and Islamic terror groups are beheading innocent civilians for sport.  If there was ever a time to join the fight, the time is now.


One thing the president has consistently repeated is that American allies must take their place and be prepared to defend their own people.  The days are over when the U.S does all the heavy lifting while smaller countries stand by, watch and cheer from the sidelines.


This war could take years to end.  It may go on for decades.  It will not only depend on the ability of UN partners to come up with winning strategies and use their weapons effectively.  It will depend on our ability to effectively confront the hatred in the hearts of our enemies. This is the toughest job of all.


What makes terrorism so hard to fight is that we are fighting an enemy that does not mind dying.  An enemy which, in fact, welcomes death.  It goes against our Western thought of self-preservation.


But it is this very idea of preservation that must be used to gain victory.  The instinct to preserve our lives and personal liberty has to be stronger than what appears on television.  Else, we are all doomed


Watching the latest developments in the Middle East would make one want to throw up their hands.  The whole world is being overrun by terrorists. What’s the use in being positive?


When I think of everything that is going on with ISIS, air strikes, and Islamic extremist groups popping up everywhere, I must also think of what is right in the world to keep my mind in balance. 


What comes to mind, are all the times we have been kept safe.  And I am not just talking about foreign threats.  There is so much happening now that is beyond our control.  The only thing we can do is count our blessings and do the best we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 


With all the injustice that we see in the U.S., the homelessness, violence and demoralization of our youth, we can still appreciate living in a free society.  Many jobs have disappeared and salaries have gone down.  Still, we are blessed to have ways to make ends meet.


When you go to bed at night, you rest fairly easily knowing there are police patrolling your neighborhood.  You don’t think twice about walking to the store and being blown up while you’re there.


We need to train ourselves to fight with faith, hope, love and kindness.  Gaining control over fear may be the one thing that gets you through. There are tough times ahead.  So let’s get behind President Obama, Congress and our military.  It’s time to squash our differences, put on a layer of hope and join the fight.






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