Be Thankful for Christmas and the New Year

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Against the backdrop of political and social unrest and economic injustice, one could conclude that world events (mostly negative) would overshadow Christmas.  But if you will fully embrace the Christmas-New Year’s holidays, you will gain a positive perspective.

While the violence we have seen this year both within the U.S. and overseas makes us feel enraged and a little uncertain, it also reminds us of how much there is to be thankful for.  Being with friends and family, and enjoying the light of Christmas will eclipse what we have witnessed in Ferguson New York, and overseas in Syria—even if temporarily.


Last week, Councilman Eloy Morales reminded us how blessed we are to live in a city that has learned to leave its racial differences behind. The rich diversity of Inglewood can and should become a role model for those in other parts of the country who are struggling to figure it out.  The City’s tree lighting ceremony was the largest Inglewood has ever seen. Not only did the event illuminate the glory of Christmas, but the blessing of diversity and brotherhood.  It is an excellent example of “good will toward men.”


I hope you will be welcoming this holiday with open arms, as I am.  We need the reprieve that Christmas brings, a time for love, joy, peace and generosity.  This is a time to simply unwind, put all the busy-ness on pause and just connect with your loved ones.  Turn off the news and fill your house with music.


Soon the new year will arrive, and we can all take a huge collective sigh of relief.  We can count our blessings and reflect on 2014 before we get going with 2015. 


For many people, Monday, Jan. 5 will be the day to go back to work after the holidays. It is the day, people will officially put the holiday season behind them.  So why not go all out in your celebration, while you have a good excuse to have fun?  Go overboard with goodness during this time when happiness is a mandate. 


Don’t worry.  When you turn on the news again, there will still be plenty of issues to fret over, disagree with, or become enraged about (if that’s how you roll).  I’m sure North Korea will still be upset, there will still be lots of cyber attacks, data breaches, and healing needed from racial conflict.


Most of this is beyond our control.  So find something that is under your control and have a good time with it.  The staff of Inglewood Today News wishes you the merriest of Christmases and happiest of New Years.




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