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If you are reading the print edition of Inglewood Today, then you have noticed something unusual.  The entire cover is devoted toward news about the City of Champions Revitalization Project.  It is just that important!


Last week, we focused on the successful impact that the renovated Forum has had on Inglewood.  Within just one year’s span of time, Inglewood has out-booked Staples Center and the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine.  Yes, the Forum, buoyed by a $100 million investment by Madison Square Garden and world class entertainment, is truly “fabulous” again.


Just one week later, Inglewood has been named the “2014 L.A. Neighborhood of the Year” by real estate website,    The site holds an annual reader vote contest to determine the community with the most progressive development. 


But, the really big news—and why I felt it necessary to change the format this week—is the announcement of an 80,000-seat stadium to be built in Inglewood adjacent to Hollywood Park. 


The Forum has not only made Inglewood the City of Entertainment, but the stadium will make Inglewood once more the City of Champions.  It is the cherry on top, the shining star, so to speak on just how far we have come in just a few years.  Every destination city has a stadium and a major entertainment venue.  It is what drives revenue, creates jobs, and attracts tourists from all over.  Now Inglewood will have both.

So let’s see:  By 2018, Inglewood will add to the Forum as major cultural and tourists attractions, the sprawling 238-Hollywood Park Tomorrow, with upscale homes, retail centers, a casino, hotel, parks and schools PLUS an additional 60 acres for the new sports stadium.  By this time, the Crenshaw/LAX light rail, with two stations in Inglewood will be operating to bring passengers to and through our city.  It’s going to be absolutely amazing.


Add to that, our growing community or resident artists, new school building projects, and  franchise businesses that continue to come here, and you have a city that would rival many of its neighbors.


It wasn’t that long ago when Inglewood was considered a “bedroom” community, a place to ride through.  This turnaround has not been easy, but it speaks to the leadership and the commitment of residents who held onto their vision of something better. 


While Inglewood may not have the glitz and glamour (yet) of its South Bay neighbors, it more than makes up for that in spirit.  It’s easy to look good when your community is dotted by multi-million dollar homes.  But pulling off a deal like a major sports stadium, despite being a predominately black and brown city, on the lower income end of the South Bay—now that’s something pretty special.


Inglewood residents should be very proud of what has just occurred, and it will only get better.






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