We Cannot Go Back!

Thursday, March 03, 2016 Written by 
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Nine months from now, voters will once more decide their next commander-in-chief. While I usually wait until the election is closer before starting my “get out and vote” campaign, the stakes are too high now.  


If you have never voted or are thinking of skipping this one, please hear me out.  The polarization between Republicans and Democrats could not be wider apart.  It is reminiscent of the Civil War which nearly tore America apart in the 1860s.  


If we don’t make the right choice in November, the consequences will be earth shattering.


Who knew when we elected our first black president that racist attacks would increase? But that is pretty much what has happened in the last 7 years.  President Obama has become a lightning rod that has made America take a hard look at its ugly past.   And, for some, having a black man holding the most powerful position on earth—a position that had only been reserved for white men-- is too much to take.  


The backlash has been furious—not only racially, but in virtually every other area as well. 

Like Abraham Lincoln, Obama has strived to become the unifier at a time when it seems the country is at odds on everything.


In case you think this election is more of the same, let me remind you of what is at stake this time around:  We’re talking about candidates who want to end Social Security and health care as we know it.  They want to privatize our schools and turn a blind eye to global warming.  


Not voting is, in effect, saying, “Do whatever you want to me, I’m fine.”  Are you sure?  Remember, our ancestors may have been deceived and some even fought on the Confederate side, protecting those who enslaved them, because they did not know any better.  But we can read now, we have televisions, we understand that Black Lives Matter, that everything matters.


We cannot say we don’t know because candidates have clearly stated where they stand on the issues.  Trump believes a majority of Mexican immigrants are” rapists,” he wants Muslims banned from America, and is endorsed by the KKK (though he pretended not to know anything about the group).


While we are not in a Civil War, we are in a war nonetheless.  This war is about class, diversity, income equality, women’s rights, and religious beliefs.  So I urge you to use your power as a voter.  Pay attention to what is happening, and don’t let oppressive individuals get away with turning the clock back.  You know better now.


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