Don’t Mind the Haters

Thursday, April 24, 2014 Written by 
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I don’t understand why there are always a few people intent on creating negativity, no matter how well things are going.


It happens all the time.  People naturally gravitate toward success, but not everyone has good intentions.  Some want to be a part of success so they can enjoy it, contribute to it and be blessed by it.  Others come just looking to exploit it.  They have sinister intentions.


I am talking about a few shady characters lurking around in Inglewood, trying to bring the city down.  Some have lived here for decades and refuse to leave.  Yet, they complain constantly like Inglewood is the most horrible place on Earth.  Others have appeared mysteriously, and have revised their past to hide their failures and criminal history.


We have seen this many times with various political factions.  They live to criticize, separate, and tear people down. They can’t stand it if things are going right.  They are only happy when people are scared or angry, so they can pit the unsatisfied against each other and build themselves up as some sort of savior. They seek to make money by magnifying problems, or even creating lies.  


Inglewood is on the move.  It is on a positive upswing.  But, now that the city has turned a corner and is succeeding again, outsiders and Inglewood-haters want to jump on the negative bandwagon. It’s not because Inglewood is so bad, but they see an opportunity to exploit the city for their own gain. 


The haters come in all colors, shapes and sizes. There are some, based on our research, that have had drug and alcohol problems, been arrested for public drunkenness and other forms of disorderly conduct.  They are shady characters at best, whose agenda is to mar the image and reputation of Inglewood. 


As a long time business owner in this city, I have a vested interest in seeing Inglewood succeed.  In fact, Inglewood Today was created from a commitment to reporting local news that more accurately reflects the lives of those who live and work here.  When we first came on the scene in 1994, it was hard to find positive news about our city. Inglewood was seen as a hotbed for gang activity, poverty and drug abuse.  Residents were being unfairly characterized and it was ruining the City’s opportunities to attract investors.


Negative, false and distorted reporting created an image of Inglewood as an undesirable place to live.  Yet, those who really know and love the city had a very different experience.  What life was really like and what was being reported by traditional media did not match.


As Inglewood continues to grow, and as opportunities continue to open up, it will attract the vultures, looking to make a quick buck off the backs of Inglewood residents.


But I don’t think anything can stop the forward momentum we’ve seen in recent months.  No amount of words can erase the successful re-opening of the Forum, billions of dollars being poured into new projects, which are bringing new jobs and increased tax revenues.  Not even the haters can stop the turnaround which is taking place in our school district.  


The haters will always be here, but you do not have to entertain them.  Just change the channel, and continue enjoying your life in Inglewood.  It has not been an easy turnaround, but together, with your commitment, as well as other residents, businesses and City leadership, we will continue to succeed regardless. 


If you’re a proud resident of Inglewood, don’t let anyone badmouth your city.  You know what real progress looks and feels like.  If you have a concern, contact your local council representative or block club leader.  Get the truth and don’t rely on lies, rumors and half-truths being spouted by the haters.



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