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As Inglewood Today celebrates its 20th anniversary, our efforts have come full circle, evidenced by the prestigious coverage of the city in the Los Angeles Business Journal (July 2014).


There are rare moments when all the positive intentions, hopes and wishes---things you want to believe but lack the evidence of—actually become reality.  There are times when you realize that life really is good, dreams really do come true, and that nothing is too good to happen or last. 


The article (which I encourage everyone to read) is another testament to what many stakeholders have been saying recently and what Corporate America is beginning to realize—Inglewood is worth investing in.   


To actually witness this city emerge from near obscurity to the limelight is amazing.  As publisher of the official newspaper in Inglewood, I am elated that it is finally getting the recognition it deserves.  


To have LABJ’s editorial thumbs up is a huge deal.  The long standing publication has essentially been named the best business journal in the country for the past 5 out of 6 years!  

A journal of this caliber clearly runs circles around the Morningside Park Chronicle, that political hit piece, hell bent on tearing down Inglewood and its leadership.


Long before MPC popped up, Inglewood Today was working with businesses, government and residents to positively change the image of this city.  It has been our mission to build up the image of those deserving individuals who live and work here instead of tearing them down.  


If you were here in the 80s and early 90s, then you know Inglewood was synonymous with poverty, high crime, drugs—you name it.  When anything bad happened here, it was all over the news. Even when something happened in L.A., if it was bad, Inglewood got blamed for that too. Positive news was ignored. 


Bad press negatively impacted home values and discouraged investment.  An ever bickering city council only made matters worse, as certain members chose political grandstanding and high drama over doing the City’s business.


The story of Inglewood is the story of rebirth and redemption.  Its success is made more meaningful because of what it has gone through—the evaporation of major business, loss of the Lakers and Kings, highly publicized police beatings, and most recently the state takeover of Inglewood public schools. But these incidents are not what this city is all about.


Now the tables are turning.  


There has been the revitalization of businesses along Century Blvd., the reopening of the Fabulous Forum, the lowest recorded crime rate since 1978, and now future developments are on the way which represent over $2 billion.  Investors are being attracted to the city, and the arts community is growing.  This does not happen in a city on its way down.  


So, congratulations to Inglewood, and everyone who has had a hand in this turnaround.  You deserve your day in the sun, and the notoriety of good publicity.  Success needs no explanation, and failure permits no alibis.  





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