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There is nothing like a televised debate to bring to life the true essence of political candidates.  Anyone can poke fun at their opponents from a distance, and say things to rile up their base.  But when candidates are forced to come face-to-face and answer specific questions for 90 minutes, well, that’s what separates the serious from the kidders.


All I can say is, if Donald Trump sticks to his policy of being loose and free on the debate stage, Democrats won’t have anything to worry about in November.  He said he didn’t want to over prepare against Clinton.  Well, how about just being prepared, period? His lack of preparation or serious regard for the presidency showed big time.


The Republican nominee doubled down on his birtherism comments, saying he was proud he got President Obama to show his birth certificate. Going one step further, he even accused Clinton of starting the movement.   


He had no remorse for calling women derogatory names, except to say his words were only directed at Rosie O’Donnell.  He flip-flopped on whether he was initially for or against the war in Iraq.  He defended stop-and-frisk tactics by New York police, even though the practice was ruled unconstitutional because it primarily profiled blacks and Hispanics.  He all but admitted he doesn’t pay income taxes (and Clinton suggested this is why he won’t release them).


Fact-checkers had a field day with Trump after Monday’s contest.  According to USA Today:


“Clinton said Trump thinks ‘climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.’  Trump denied it, but in 2012, he tweeted that the Chinese had created global warming, but later said he was joking.” However, he has disavowed a belief in global warming on other occasions. noted:


“Trump said ‘We defend Japan, we defend Germany, we defend South Korea, we defend Saudi Arabia, we defend countries. They do not pay us.’ Currently, South Korea pays well over $800 million annually to support the United States’ troop presence.


ABC News commented:


“Trump said it was ‘wrong’ that he had been ‘praiseworthy’ of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Clinton claimed.  However he said in a speech that he liked Putin’s defense strategy. He also liked the fact that Putin “said nice things about me.”


Put this data together with all the other craziness—encouraging violence against protestors at his rallies, derogatory statements made against women, Hispanics, Muslims, people of color and the handicapped—and what you have is what Clinton has called a man who is “temperamentally unfit to be president.”  


Trump’s past misdeeds will all come out before debate season is over and we will watch as he tries to wiggle himself out of his own undoing.  


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