You Haven’t Won Until It’s Done

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On November 8th, millions of people were shocked beyond belief when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.  All the polls indicated that she was sure to win. And even when she did win the popular vote over Donald Trump, she still lost the electoral vote, and therefore lost it all.


On February 5th, the Atlanta Falcons surprised everybody, getting out way ahead of the favored New England Patriots, with an impressive halftime score of 28-3.  At the end of the game, the Patriots came back to win it 34-28.


On February 26th, “La La Land” was announced as the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards.  But not so fast.  In a crazy last minute envelope mix up, it was discovered that “Moonlight” actually won for Best Picture.


What do these three scenarios have in common?  Anything is possible, so never say never.


My point?  Just because it looks like you are winning doesn’t mean that you actually are.  Even if you are 99 percent sure your candidate will get elected or re-elected in the April 4 Municipal Election, you still need to vote.


Inglewood is on a fast track to becoming a serious destination city.  It continues to attract attention from major media, investors and Corporate America.  Its reputation as a sleepy community that people just drive through is quickly changing as folks realize it is the place to be.  


Multi-billion dollar investments and changing demographics are clear signs that people are seeing true value in this city.  Whatever you may have thought of Inglewood in the past, its rising valuation cannot be denied.  This is best evidenced by huge increases in property values.


With so much at stake and new people moving in every day, the stakes are higher now than ever.  The typically low voter turnout in Inglewood needs to be corrected.


There are council races going on in 2 districts and 3 seats need to be filled in school board advisory races. People say we need to do something to fix our schools.  Well, it starts with your vote.  


Incumbents in 3 of the races are running unopposed, but don’t let that be an excuse for not voting.  What if your candidate lost because people wrote in someone else’s name?  


Don’t take chances with your future.  Claim your stake in your community.


Get informed about the candidates and issues.  Be part of the process.  Check out our cover and find out who is running, and attend forums whenever you can.  If you are not registered, then get registered.  You have until March 20.  


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