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On Wednesday, I was invited to tour the new and improved Centinela Hospital.  A lot of positive changes have occurred since the hospital changed ownership, and this expansion is just one of them.  


Today, Centinela Hospital has a reputation for being one of the highest-rated health facilities in the area.  Residents can be proud to claim the hospital as belonging to our city.


In the 90s, residents had three nearby hospitals to go to: Centinela and Daniel Freeman in Inglewood, and Robert F. Kennedy in Hawthorne. The latter two were closed years ago, much to everyone’s disappointment.  And while another hospital would certainly make healthcare more easily accessible in Inglewood, it is important that we appreciate what we have…which leads me to my point.


There is a lot to be said about longevity and perseverance.  We all need to be reminded of their importance when it seems like life is at a standstill. 


If you have worked in Inglewood for several years, as I have, you start to appreciate your fellow business owners and colleagues a little more.  You are thankful that they are still around. Regardless of recessions or other setbacks, they managed to stay in the game and keep going. With just hope, a dream and a prayer, they hung in there and made something out of their lives.  


As you travel through Inglewood, and especially if you’re feeling a little stuck, take a look around.  Look closer at Centinela Hospital, The Fabulous Forum, Inglewood Cemetery, Wise Tires and other businesses that have stood the test of time.  There was a time when none of these establishments existed.  There was a time when the founders thought about giving up, but they didn’t. The point is, no matter what you may be going through, you are still here.  


In 3 weeks, the first quarter of 2017 will come to a close.  If you feel you got off track with your goals, now’s a great time to review where you want to go and how you intend to get there.  This Saturday or Sunday, we’ll turn our clocks ahead one hour.  Let this motivate you to literally move forward.  


The fact that you are still here means there is something left for you to do.  So let’s celebrate and get busy.



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