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City Council Chambers welcomed the public back after a 2-week recess, with 3 new video screens and district maps adorning the wood grain walls.  The monitors will enhance the viewing of televised council meetings and make it easier for the public to see live presentations.


“I like the new system here,” said City Treasurer Wanda Brown.  “This is fantastic.” 


“When they (public) watch the meetings at home, they will see an amplified view,” Councilman Eloy Morales said


City Manager Artie Fields congratulated those who worked on the “Relay for Life” event to raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society.  “Our city was chosen because of its continuous growth in fundraising and networking.  Parks, Recreation and Library Services Director, Sabrina Barnes, will represent Inglewood at a leadership summit in Dallas on Sept 19 and 20.


Treasurer Brown has spent time shopping for new investments to increase Inglewood’s revenue.  She recently bought $1 million worth of certificates of deposit on the City’s behalf.  “The CDs all have a rate of 2 percent, which is better than the current bond rate,” she said.


A long time Inglewood resident came to thank Mayor Butts’ office of helping her mother get her water turned back on.  “I am here because they turned off my mom’s water.  She is on oxygen, her last wish is to stay in her home.  They turned off the water the same day they started giving out vouchers.  No one ever once told us that we have money coming in every year.  In 15 minutes our water was turned on.  The Mayor’s Office did everything.”   


“We need to take advantage that we can call the mayor and you may get him on the phone,” said long time resident Ray Davis.  “Try that in L.A.  You’ll go through half a dozen people and you won’t get anything.  This town is small enough to have a voice.”


An Inglewood woman wanted to know what is being done to bring about fresher food options.

“I shouldn’t have to drive to Mar Vista or some other city to get organic food.  I have to drive 5 miles to Trader Joe’s.”  She suggested that a market could be built on the vacant lot at Crenshaw and 85th Street.  She also wants the City to do something about the high grass and unkempt area around the old Warren Lane School site. 


“The city doesn’t own the school building. You would have to go to the school board meeting,” Mayor Butts said.


A man who does not live within the noise contour area—and was hoping he could get help to insulate his home through the City’s program-- got news from Mayor Butts that he did not want to hear. 


“Cities signed on that if they ever challenged the contours, they would not get the funding from the FAA.  The FAA is not  going to change the contours.  They (residents) will have to pay for it  themselves.  They (FAA) are shrinking (the number of home insulations) come 2015.  That’s why  we are really working hard.  There is not going to be any going back to LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports).  They don’t have the power.”


The agenda was light, but councilmembers were in a talking mood. Everybody wanted another minute.


Councilman George Dotson congratulated Ability First on its recent ribbon-cutting and grand re-opening in the First District.  The center that offers services to those with special needs has been a mainstay in Inglewood since 1976.  He also addressed the pothole problem on Century Blvd:


“There were not potholes there, there were pot ditches.  I made a call to public works, and that same day they went out and fixed those ditches.  Please don’t think we don’t understand your problem because we go through the same problem.  If you have a problem, call me.”


“We all drive down Century Blvd., and all of our cars juggle like that and it’s time to get it fixed,” Morales said.  


Councilman Alex Padilla thanked Centinela Hospital CEO Linda Bradley and her staff for continuing to be on the cutting edge of healthcare. “It’s one of the best hospitals around,” Padilla said.    He also reminded residents that they are welcome to attend any event in Inglewood, regardless of the district in which it is held.


City Clerk Yvonne Horton announced there will be a voter registration drive on September 28 at the District Two Picnic.  It will be held at North Park


Councilman Ralph Franklin congratulated Board of Equalization Member Jerome Horton on a successful small business seminar.  “I’m still getting feedback. I want to thank you for making that available here in Inglewood,” he told Horton, in the audience. 


Mayor Butts announced that the Inglewood Teen Center will have its one-year anniversary on September 25 from 3:30 to 5:00pm.  He also commented on the new monitors:


“This should be something we celebrate.  We have a monitor for everyone in this council chamber to be able to see. When we pull up something on the Internet we can see something live.”


The council unanimously approved a number of requests recommended by staff in various departments, including:


Denial of personal injury claims; purchase of office supplies; contracts with third parties for the provision of nonemergency medical treatment of prisoners; swimming pool and water fountain maintenance; emergency generator replacement and HVAC installation.  The council also approved the provision of free supper through the Child and Adult Care Food Program from September 15, 2014 through June 19, 2015.






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