Holiday Season in Upward Swing

Thursday, December 11, 2014 Written by 
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Despite the backdrop of racial, social and political unrest defying Christmas spirit, there is positive news in America.   The jobless rate is steady at 5.8 percent, the housing market and the stock market are showing nice gains.  In some places, according to the American Automobile Assn., you can even buy a gallon of gas for $2.70. 


Holiday sales are up online as well.  According to, “Based on early numbers from comScore, it looks like online sales got off to a good start in the U.S., with Thanksgiving topping $1 billion and Black Friday passing $1.5 billion, respective growth of 32% and 26% over 2013.”


With more of us working, hanging onto our homes and spending less on fuel, the holidays are shaping up nicely.  It has taken President Barack Obama 6 grueling years to bring unemployment levels down from where they were in 2009.


“So far this year, over the first 11 months of 2014, our economy has created 2.65 million jobs,” the president said this week.


“That’s more than in any entire year since the 1990s. Our businesses have now created 10.9 million jobs over the past 57 months in a row. And that’s the longest streak of private sector job growth on record.” 


Compare that to the 700,000 jobs-a-month that were being lost when Obama took office. New Labor Department figures show the biggest hiring spree in three years occurred last month.


But don’t expect him to get any of the thanks, nor be offered any of the credit from the GOP.


Republican House Speaker John Boehner on Friday, said families in his home state of Ohio are struggling to make livable wages, and blamed the president for imposing business regulations, which he says burdens the economy.  


Democrats say the GOP has blocked every one of the Administration’s job creation plans and supports companies who ship good manufacturing jobs overseas.  .


While having the ability to buy an extra gift or splurge on a latte doesn’t assuage the very real threats of abusive police, ISIS, and Ebola, they do offer some moments of joy.  And isn’t that what this season is supposed to be about?


My advice:  Take your blessings where you find them.


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