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On April 7, Inglewood residents in District 3 will vote for their council representative.  Incumbent Eloy Morales, Jr. is asking voters to support him for another term.  Here’s why:




Eloy Morales, Jr. was elected to serve the 3rd District of Inglewood on April 1, 2003 and is the longest-sitting Inglewood Council member. Prior to being elected, Morales worked with Inglewood families through his position as a representative for the State Assembly.


Community Roots


Unlike some who will relocate to a district to run for office, Morales never left.  A long time resident, he has been in Inglewood since 1971.


Following in the footsteps of his father, Eloy Morales, Sr., the council member began serving the Inglewood community at age 9.  “I began following my father around when he was working with (former Inglewood) Mayor Ed Vincent.  My dad organized the soccer league for youth, which has been going on for 30 years.”




Proven Leadership


Today, Morales is a husband and proud father of three. Next to family, his proudest achievements have come as a result of his work on the council.  Under his leadership:




  • Prostitution on Century Blvd. has been virtually eliminated

  • Two adult book and video stores—which had been open for decades—were closed

  • Over $1 million for street improvements in District 3 was secured

  • An agreement was reached for supergraphics signage off the 405 Freeway, which brought an additional $3 million a year to Inglewood  

  • An ordinance was passed to allow more seniors to benefit from the City’s utility refund program

  • Upgrades were made to improve the safety and cleanliness of Inglewood parks, including the addition of bathrooms at Siminski Park

  • The graffiti abatement program was expanded to include weekends




Commitment to Diversity


Morales has seen his city transformed as a model of diversity, and thanks to his upbringing, he has lived out the dreams of equality expressed through two his heroes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez.  His father helped create the Hispanic Fiesta in Inglewood.  It lasted for 16 consecutive years, but was discontinued for a while due to budget cuts.  Two years ago, the fiesta returned as a highly anticipated city event. 


“As Inglewood continued to grow and change, I grew along with it,” Morales said.  “The diversity in Inglewood helped raise me.  I understand the value of the diversity that we have, I respect it.”




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