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Tuesday’s council meeting began with approval of an agreement with Majesty Law Group to provide legal services to the City in the amount of $50,000.  Attorney JoAnna Esty will assist the City with copyrighting the City’s videos and determining if an individual is allowed to make derivative works of the City’s videos without the City’s permission. 


SMF Consulting will provide professional services and assistance with various accounting practices for the Residential Sound Insulation Program in the amount of $360,000.  The FY 2014-2015 budget will be amended to reflect receipt of Nutritional Supplemental Funds in the amount of $57,035 from the Los Angeles County Area Agency on Aging (AAA).  Funds will provide additional meals, food services equipment, and related supplies for the City’s Senior Nutrition Program.  A blanket purchase order was approved to purchase uniforms and safety equipment, and helmets for the police department.


The City amended its contract with the Board of Administration of the California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS) to allow miscellaneous city employees to receive credit for their cost sharing of the City’s contribution rate (2 points for classic local miscellaneous members; and 3.75 points for new local miscellaneous members).


A special hearing was set to receive public input to adopt an ordinance authorizing ExxonMobil Oil Corporation (formerly Mobil Oil Corporation) to operate and maintain an underground pipeline to transmit hydrocarbon substances in the City of Inglewood for 20 years.  The hearing is set for April 14, 2015 at 7pm.


City Treasurer Wanda Brown gave Inglewood lots of love during a recent conference in Las Vegas.  She “bragged” on the City going from an $18 million structural deficit to double digit reserves in the past 4 years.  This is in addition to the $2 billion Hollywood Park Tomorrow development and the future 80,000-seat stadium.   “There were a couple of people there from Texas and I said ‘We will have more bells and more whistles (than you).’”  Brown also announced that Morningside Church offers free legal advice to the community from 11am to 2pm every other Saturday.  Call (323) 750-2790 for details. 


The council pulled an agenda item relating to selection of a developer for the Downtown Redevelopment Project (Market Street).  A young man wants it back on the agenda as soon as possible.   “A lot of people would like to see Market Street up and running,” he said.


The meeting, which lasted one hour, was low key and innocuous, as the agenda was light.  However, that did not stop some residents from stirring the pot.  One man said two council members had loans from Mayor Butts, and worked full time jobs in addition to their council positions.  Some, who do not want to see the stadium go forward, accused the mayor of shoving the project on citizens, even though 22,000 signatures were gathered in support of the project. 



“Why don’t we say something positive?  When you say something positive, positive things follow,” an Inglewood woman said.  However, her words did not seem to matter.


Councilman George Dotson addressed the comment that council members were involved in other forms of employment.  “I don’t care what anybody says, you have 5 guys here who are working for the City.  We go to meetings at night when most of you are at home watching TV.”  Switching the subject, he reminded the public to mark their calendars for Inglewood’s Earth Day Celebration on April 18th in Inglewood City Hall.  “Also, Relay for Life is June 6th and 7th.  Please, if you live in District 1, I would like you to join Team Dotson. Call my office at (310) 412-8602.”


Councilman Alex Padilla also commented on the allegation about council members getting money from Mayor Butts.  “I don’t know what he’s talking about. And him saying we are impacting freedom of speech, disrespecting residents of the community, everyone can come up here and speak their piece.”  Padilla invited the community to his District 2 Shredding Day, from 10am-12pm at the I-COP Center.  It happens on April 18th, the same day as the Earth Day Celebration. 


Answering comments from the audience , Councilman Eloy Morales said, “Not everyone is going to agree with us, (but) you have to be aware of a relationship where you never agree.  The mayor gets beat up every week, but I see how he goes to bat for the City when he’s being beat up by the big shots.”


Mayor Butts spoke to his critics:

“We were getting laughed at every week because of our council meetings.  Now we are national news for positive things. . .We are not failing or mistreating people. For 4 years I’ve been told we’re going to get you when you come up for re-election and we’re going to recall you.  I won the election by 83%, (so) that’s not objective reality.  People don’t agree with you.  Come on and join us. . .”


Councilman Ralph Franklin said he has investigated claims that local residents were not being notified for construction projects in the city.   He informed the public that there is a “process” to obtaining these jobs. People are not hired directly.  “You must be accepted to the union by application and acquisition of a job,” Franklin said.




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