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At Tuesday’s meeting, the council held public hearings and approved assessments on 4 Inglewood Districts for Fiscal Year 2015-2016.  Tax levies will be applied to the Morningside Park Maintenance Assessment District No. 1974-2; In-Town Maintenance Assessment District No. 1975-1; Inglewood Street Lighting Assessment District No. 1980-1; and Darby-Dixon Maintenance Assessment District No. 1987-1. 


Council members also approved a mural by Ryan Graeff in the lobby of the Inglewood Police Department; and a contract award to Ocean Blue Environmental Services, Inc. for on-call and emergency services to collect, remove and dispose of hazardous waste.


The City of Inglewood agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding with WOW Media, Inc.  The MOU will facilitate further negotiation that could lead to ten new super graphic billboards. Human Resources was authorized to amend its Fiscal Year 2014-2015 budget to re-allocate its current staffing budget in an effort to increase support staff.  Council members wholeheartedly approved the renewal of Manager Artie Field’s 4-year employment contract.


“I want to thank my team for all of their support.  I want to thank the community for providing me with your support.”  He told the council, “You can count on me to be a support to you and of value to the community.”


“Just like Obama, you’ve got two terms,” Mayor James Butts said. 


There was some discussion about new retailers coming to Inglewood, and some lamented those who have left.  There was a debate over large retailers vs. mom-and-pop establishments, and what is best for Inglewood. 


Regarding changes in Inglewood retailers, Butts commented, “There will be big department stores. I don’t understand lamenting things that have gone like Sears when there is so much brightness in the future. I don’t understand that.  I also feel that there is a place for mom-and-pops.  I don’t want to demonize mom-and-pops.  They are basic good people like you and me, and they need to make it.”


 “We wanted to find out where you shop, so we made a fervent effort where we engaged business owners to try and get retailers to come into Inglewood,” Councilman Ralph Franklin said.  If you want to get involved look at the announcement we made.  We are going to get public transit.  We’re trying to bring in light rail stations and we want to make sure we get our fair share of public transit (dollars).”   He asked the public to volunteer advocating for the businesses they want to see in Inglewood.


“I think it’s important to remind residents to shop and keep money in Inglewood as much as you can…and shop at mom-and-pop stores as well,” Councilman Alex Padilla said.


There were 17 block parties in Inglewood over the July 4th weekend.


“This past weekend was very disheartening to me, by having people not honor our community.  We made available 22 Safe and Sane fireworks stands.  But instead, it seems my granddaughter and I were the only ones on the block using Safe and Sane.  People were using illegal fireworks.  We went to the voters and asked, do you want us to continue to have fireworks available.  I think we need to revisit that,” Franklin said. 


Morales added, “Talking about the fireworks, so much comes under being a good neighbor.”


Councilman George Dotson thanked block clubs who invited him to July 4th parties.  “The young lady who took the selfie, I want to have a copy of the selfie. . .and, as far as downtown, those business that you want to see, they’re coming.” 


The mayor closed the meeting by giving an overview on progress made so far in the city, including street improvements, renewing infrastructure and tree trimming.  He also reminded the public that what is said at council meetings does not represent views of the entire community.  To say the council meeting is a representative sample of what everyone in the community believes, I don’t believe that to be true.  He added, “If you took a random sample, and most the people are happy, you have to say that’s probably a trend. . .I have worked in 3 different cities, and I am the happiest (in Inglewood).”







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