The Season of Giving

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Scrounging around for something holiday-ish to report, I thought about doing a piece comparing holiday traditions of Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.  Too boring.  


Then I thought, the one thing that these holidays have in common is gift giving.  Everyone should have a holiday gift whether they are naughty or nice.  So, here are a few gift ideas that can appeal to both types on your list.  


First, the naughty:  


1.“Talk to the Hand” Doll:  Wind this baby up and have it play that favorite phrase back to people who just don’t get it.  This is for anyone who cannot comprehend that “no” actually means “no.”  Why continue to waste your breath trying to make hard-headed folks understand?  Sorry, there is no such doll, but you enterprising folks out there could create one by this time next year.


2.Fake gift basket:  Has someone done you wrong?  Why not give them a lovely holiday gift basket? Fill cosmetic bottles with items like trash, sand, dirt or smelly stuff like rotten eggs.  Or simply wrap the basket with empty containers.  They’ll get the message. 


3. A lasting impression:  Photoshop a fake picture of yourself snuggled up with a super gorgeous man or woman and send it to your ex.  Don’t use a famous celebrity photo or it won’t be believable.  Just create something that says, “I’ve move on with my life, and my new boo looks better than you.”


4.A lump of coal to everyone else who sucks: “Here’s the thing: some people just suck,” says BlackAmericaWeb writer Kovie Biakolo.  So give them the traditional Christmas gift for haters.  They’ll figure it out.  Like tricksters on Halloween, coal is the traditional gift to give haters on Christmas. 


And the nice. . .


5. A new set of wheels.  “Rubber wheels beat rubber heels,” the saying goes.  Don’t worry.  If a shiny new car is not feasible, consider a scooter or skateboard.  Hey, it’s the thought that counts.  


6.Class or lessons.  Help someone on your list lose weight, learn a new language or engage in a hobby next year.  Pay for their dance lessons, exercise or ceramics class.  This is an especially thoughtful gift for those who don’t want more material stuff.


7.Book.  Like classes, books can enrich a person’s life. Tip:  Try and find the version that they are most likely to use:  hard or soft cover, Kindle, audio book or video.


8.Favors.  This is still an all time favorite because it’s so flexible.  Create coupons that involve performing a personal service such as babysitting, home repair, massage, cooking, house cleaning, etc.


Finally, don’t forget that you are a gift.  So give of yourself—your time, smile, kindness, hugs and kisses. Happy holidays!


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