MPC: Fundraiser Or Fraud?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Written by 
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In what appears to be another attempt to lie and deceive the community, owners of the Morningside Park Chronicle, a so-called newspaper were caught, once again, lying to the public.


A recording revealed Teka lying to residents of Inglewood, in an effort to raise money.  In her own words, the Morningside Park Chronicle publisher said she and her husband Randall have been publishing their newspaper for 3 years.  Don't believe it.  She is lying to try and establish credibility, which her publication sorely lacks.  


The truth is the Chronicle conveniently popped up around the same time former Inglewood council members Judy Dunlap and Mike Stevens ran for re-election, singing their praises and alternately denigrating the mayor and other council members.  That was in late 2012/early 2013.


Another big lie is that Teka claims the Chronicle is published weekly—every Friday—and it has a circulation of 60,000.  Her lies were broadcast on Youtube for all the world to see (


Anyone who follows the paper regularly knows the Chronicle is inconsistent with publishing dates.  But with this lie now recorded on video, they can’t run from their lies anymore.


It appears that the Flemings are cloaking their attempt to profit by lying to the public and masquerading their fraud as a so-called fundraiser. 


Here is an excerpt from the ad appearing in the MPC, asking for money:


“Fundraiser for community newspaper Saturday, June 7 at Southern California Library 6120 S Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles.”


“We need $25,000 to beef up our investigative journalism department.” 


“We depend on small local business and subscriptions to continue to run and to continue to report the news from a people first perspective.”


Teka always talks about community, and the importance of building up Inglewood.  She often says she’s got “skin in the game.”  If that is so, why, then did she and Randall bypass Inglewood for this so-called fundraiser?  They chose not to spend a dime in Inglewood, and instead host the event outside the city, in L.A.  


How inconsistent is that?   Skin in the game… for who?


Like many scams, the Chronicle doesn’t even provide a real address.  Instead, they just have a  P.O. Box.  But who cares as long as they can get folks to part with their hard earned cash?  As their ad states:


“You can also support via the traditional way:  Checks can be made payable to Morningside Park Chronicle and mailed to PO Box…”  


Where exactly is the Morningside Park Chronicle?  Do they even have an office after supposedly publishing newspapers every week consistently for the past 3 years? 


If this were so, shouldn’t they have generated enough advertising by now, not to have to beg for money—and only $25,000 at that?


Beware of attempts by the Morningside Park Chronicle to play the “community” card in the name of fundraising because it’s all a ploy to separate you from your money.  They can’t even tell the truth about how long they have been publishing the newspaper. What else are they lying about?






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