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How does a city become smarter? How does a city become the largest airport sound-insulation program in the country? After talking with two newly appointed department directors in the City of Inglewood, who are on a path to improve the quality of life for the community, we think we may have just found the answers. 


Ask anyone who lives or has lived in the community and they’ll tell you about those notorious airplanes. Flying over every 3-5 minutes en route to LAX, rattling windows and interrupting the best parts of our favorite shows, interrupting our thoughts even. Our neighbors in the sky have been the focus of Residential Sound Insulation Director, Bettye Griffith for the last 13 years. 


An Inglewood resident for over 30 years, Ms. Griffith is a long time employee of the City and has been a key contributor to the success of the RSI Program.  


Inglewood City Manager Artie Fields shared his thoughts on the promotion of Ms. Griffith, stating, “Due to her leadership, she and her staff were able to achieve the mayor and city council’s goal to sound insulate 2,000 homes in a 12-month period. Ms. Griffith is now in the process of implementing the new RSI guidelines to ensure that more homes are sound insulated in the coming year.”  


“I’ve been in this department ever since I’ve been in the City of Inglewood working here for 13 years, and I’m an Inglewood resident for 30 years, so I understand those planes going over our heads and the quality of life we’re trying to improve upon, and my goal is to try to do as many homes as possible. I’m really honored to have the opportunity to serve our community,” Griffith says. 


On the technology side, the new Director of the City of Inglewood’s Information Technology and Communications Department, Matthew Chambers has been in the community since the days of DOS.  He has been a key component ushering in the latest innovations in the City’s IT department with the aims of making Inglewood a smarter city. 


Chambers started his career with the City of Inglewood’s Information Technology and Communications (ITC) Department in 1996. He attended Inglewood High School, and was drawn to the City of Inglewood as a career destination by the people of the community and the passion they possessed. “His vision is to bring technology to the forefront of the community, and to continue improving the level and quality of service to the community through technology,” Fields added.  


“I’ve been doing technology forever, and I wanted to bring Inglewood to a spot where we can compete with Corporate America, we can compete with Google, we can compete with Hulu, and I’d go to different places and I’d say, why can’t we have it here? There’s no reason why it couldn’t be here.  Inglewood has that positive spin now, and I’m proud of it,” says Chambers.  


We look forward to the day when, in our homes, we no longer realize that we’ve actually made it through an entire episode of “How To Get Away With Murder” without an interruption.  And while we’re out in the community enjoying ourselves, we’re able to utilize a free and secure Wi-Fi connection thanks to the forward thinking and dedication of Inglewood’s best and brightest. 


So, how does a city become smarter? How does a city become the largest airport sound-insulation program in the country? It hires individuals who demonstrate  drive and passion for the work they do, and also have a strong love for the community they serve. 


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