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This is the first article in a brand new weekly column called #Inglewood Rising: Who’s Who.  It is penned by Amanda Anderson, a local contributing writer and former PBS So Cal blogger.


Inglewood is presently on the move and for this shift to have taken place, there are stakeholders who have and are pouring great visions, ideas and plans into the city.


This new column exist to help spotlight some of Inglewood’s high impact people, be it in politics, entertainment, sports or business.  


Inglewood has a long and rich history of “Who’s Who” and we want our community of readers and residents to celebrate them with us, weekly.


Twenty years ago, Rapper Tupac Shakur promoted the stereotype that Inglewood was always up to no good. Fast forward to the 21st Century, and we discover things and perceptions have changed, all to the glory of Inglewood. 


Not too long ago, the City of Champions seemed out for the count when bankruptcy loomed and the city faced the red with an eighteen million dollar deficit.


The question for the newly elected Mayor James Butts in 2011 was: How to make Inglewood rise? Brain storming began, unity forged and plans were put into action.


Inglewood started to become a city serious about its financial goals, bottom line and image.


Partnerships sprung to life, bringing renowned Madison Square Garden interests to town, injecting over one hundred million dollars into the once lifeless “Fabulous Forum.” 

This union was a blessing and true milestone for Inglewood, as much needed tax dollars poured into the city’s General Fund.


These new tax dollars generated by the Forum and its success as the number one concert venue in the region allowed city officials to focus more on renewing the City’s infrastructure and new city branding.


The new Inglewood branding includes strong fiscal management, decisive and responsible leadership, public safety and being a destination city.  


Inglewood is now a place to drive to…not just to drive through.  


The influx of people and cars bring with them major dollars, new faces and different cultures. 


This bold newness provided a welcomed make-over for Inglewood. Changes to the face and look of Inglewood from what we were all accustomed to in the past is apparent.


Inglewood has now positioned itself as a relevant municipality - claiming money, power and respect.


It is now a town where billionaires invest and developers scramble to build.


People are launching new and exciting businesses in Inglewood at every turn. 


There are now atypical enterprises opening their doors, like new vegan restaurants and high end breweries to frequent. 


Folks are indeed running to Inglewood in fear of missing “the next big thing…” In this transformation, Inglewood bounced from the brink of bankruptcy to a balanced budget and proving itself worthy of its upgraded bond credit rating from Moody’s, a city credit rating system.


The announcement of the NFL and Rams return to the Los Angeles area via a newly planned multi-billion dollar stadium has certainly been a factor for the increase in interest of the Inglewood real estate market.  


However, prior to the NFL deciding to allow Stan Kroenke to move the Rams to Inglewood, property values had skyrocketed from 2012 to 2015 by over 85%!  


The management of the City by the mayor and council have paid dividends for home owners.


The Inglewood real estate market has become very desirable and investors are buying at record rates. 


Properties that would normally take months or years to sell are being sold almost in record time now.


Inglewood has grown so much so that its critics debate if Inglewood will evolve demographically.


A recent newspaper headline read, “Could Inglewood be the next city to gentrify?”

While city officials admit Inglewood is growing exponentially, and more people with cash are coming in, worries about wholesale gentrification are really a stretch.


So friends, get ready to become a regular reader of our new column, #Inglewood Rising: Who’s Who and meet some of the most extraordinary people on earth, people who have, people who are and people who will…make a difference in the lives of Inglewood residents. Who knows?  Our next column could feature you.


Do you have a question or comment? Or do you want to recommend an Inglewood person for the column, just give me a shout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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