Council Meeting Broadcast Gets Overhauled

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Tuesday’s council meeting began with requests for updates about the City’s status.  A couple of residents wanted to know when the City would be making its quarterly report available to the public.  


Mayor James Butts said information will be ready next week.  Quarterly reports are always available on the table outside council chambers on the ninth floor.   


During public comments, a local clergyman said he’s having a problem with folks illegally dumping items on his church property. “There are 4 or 5 couches. The city sign is about 150 feet from where they dump stuff on 64th Street.  It’s a tremendous problem,” he said. 


“If you stick around after the meeting we will talk to you about how we can get this resolved,” Councilman Alex Padilla said.


Sylvester Matthews complained about the use of leaf blowers in the city.  “It’s a detriment to the health of residents,” he said, adding that he has heart problems and had to retire early.  “You said you don’t have a budget to enforce that, but with the upcoming conditions we are about to undergo with the Rams, I am hoping you can put that in the budget,” he told Mayor Butts.


“We’re kinda caught between a rock and a hard place,” Mayor Butts said.  “To not have blowers, you would have to use water.”


“You can use brooms or rakes.  You can do it the old-fashioned way,” the man said.


Councilman George Dotson recalled a recent visit to St. Mary’s Academy to celebrate the school’s 50-year anniversary in Inglewood.  St. Mary’s has been in business for 127 years.  He also went on a walking tour through his First District and found potential pedestrian improvements that could be made in the downtown area.  


Councilman Padilla received kudos from all council members for his successful reopening of Fire Station 172 in District Two.


“I want to thank the community for attending the Fire Safety Day and reopening of the fire station,” he said.  


“I congratulate Councilman Padilla on such a well put together event.  Councilman Padilla was bugging me for years to get it reopened, but we didn’t have the right deal.  There will be no cost to the City of Inglewood for the first year. That’s the kind of deal we like,” Butts said. 


Councilman Ralph Franklin noted that residents appreciate having a nearby fire station, “which is something we were fighting for.”  The councilman also applauded Monroe Middle School for coming in second place in a technology competition.  Students designed a remotely operated vehicle that could be submerged underwater for use in emergencies, such as oil spills.  


Weekly council meeting broadcasts have resumed after a long hiatus thanks to the installation of new video equipment.  “We had 60s technology that was completely overhauled.  We don’t have to do the primitive thing anymore.  We broadcast directly from this chamber in high definition,” Butts said.  


The council rejected a claim for property damage and approved payment for legal services in the amount of $9,114.40, and videography services in the amount of $12,554.84. A sixty-day extension was approved for the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) period with Thomas Safran and Associates, to allow sufficient time to complete a review and finalize an agreement to be submitted to the City Council/Successor Agency. 


Approval was also given to purchase computer-related equipment from Dell Computer L.P.  A contract was awarded to provide new high-speed broadband Internet and WiFi services to the Inglewood Main and Crenshaw-Imperial Branch Libraries.


The meeting was closed in memory of Inglewood Pastor Doyle Hart and the mayor’s 104-year old aunt.   


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