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By Glenda Brass, MBA


There has been lots of speculation among homeowners in the Inglewood area about whether to sell or not. For some, the prospect of the impending stadium development has them paralyzed in anticipation of what they think might happen with values and the area. Many homeowners who need or want to move are torn and wondering if they can still move and simply maintain two residences. It’s a good question. Consider the following: 


The first and most important thing to consider is whether or not you can afford to own two homes. Though owning rental property can bring in predictable, long-term income, there are still a myriad of potential problems that can come along with it.


Do the math on the return on investment of a rental. If you’re depending on the rental income to cover the mortgage and expenses of the rental property, you’ll need to be able to charge enough to cover that and then some. A rental comes with its own set of expenses—like maintenance, repairs, and, if you opt for it, property management. There is also a possibility of the house sitting empty between tenants (not to mention repairs when one tenant vacates). Make certain that what you charge for rent covers all these expenses, plus leaves some extra for the unexpected, or you WILL end up covering the cost. With that being said, you should probably save from your discretionary income for such an occasion.


If you expect that the home will continually increase in value, you may want to hang on to it and accept any potential monthly loss in exchange for the long term return on your investment. Also factor in potential tax benefits; such as mortgage interest, property tax, operating expenses, depreciation, repairs, property management fees, etc. This may offset any potential negatives you may experience from any shortage.


Being a landlord isn’t for everyone. If you decide to manage the rental yourself, will you be able to tolerate the stress that comes with being responsible for the home you’re living in, as well as a rental, particularly if it’s a distance away? Alternatively, you can spend a portion of the return and hire a local management company that can manage it for you and alleviate you of some of the stress. Though, you’ll still need to maintain some type of involvement, dependent upon the type of arrangement you make with them.


In some cases, whether or not to keep a home or sell it depends upon your financial situation. Unfortunately, if circumstances require you to relocate for work or other personal reasons, renting out the home may not even be an option for you. I would suggest that you weigh your options carefully and honestly to avoid potential challenges in the future.


What’s more important? Why do you think that lenders require much more of a down payment for investment properties than they do for primary residences? One of the reasons for this is that if you had a sudden emergency in your financial situation, which home would suffer the consequences of that…your rental or your primary residence? Individuals who own multiple properties lose their rental properties long before they lose their primary residence. As a matter of fact, the rental property income is used to supplement what’s needed to maintain the primary residence. It’s a matter of survival! 


Weigh your options carefully before making the decision to sell or not. For help with a professional analysis, give us a call. The consultation is free!


Glenda Brass is a successful real estate consultant who has been in the real estate industry for almost 20 years. She is CEO/Managing Partner of Brass & Brass Enterprises, LLC, located at 2639 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood. For a free consultation on anything real estate… selling, buying, renovating, leasing, or to learn about our consumer education offerings, call Glenda at 310-345-9707 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


By Veronica Mackey


Mayor James Butts and members of the Inglewood City Council heard loudly and clearly from fellow residents demanding answers in the shooting deaths of Kisha Michael and Marquintan Sandlin.


The packed council chambers were filled with friends, relatives and activists who say the Inglewood Police Department has been mum about details of the shootings which occurred Feb. 21, 2016, on Manchester Blvd. and Inglewood Ave.


According to sources, 20 shots were fired and police say the couple was initially believed to be unconscious while sitting in a car. When police approached, they allegedly saw a gun on Michael’s lap.  She was sitting in the passenger’s seat.  An “exchange” occurred between the officers, Michael and Sandlin, but it is unclear what happened.  Five officers were involved.  It is not known whether Michael or Sandlin threatened the officers.


The group, which included Michael’s sister, wanted to meet with Mayor Butts last week, but he was offsite.  Kema Decatur, deputy to the city manager, was given a letter of demands and asked to forward it to the mayor.


A white woman spoke out on behalf of Black Lives Matter, and shared their demands with the public:  release video of the incident, release names of the officers, provide status of the case, and prosecute the officers. 


Another woman asked for a copy of the police department’s use of force policy.


“I stand with the families of Kisha and Marquintan, and demand that reparations be made to the family and we will not let it go,” another woman said.


A local preacher added, “I hope you would respond the right way instead of the usual way.”


“We have two concurrent investigations going on,” the mayor said.  “One by the Inglewood Police Department that will be concluded probably within 30 days, and whatever actions to be taken will be taken at that time.  [The case] has also been turned over to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.  They have the criminal investigation.  That investigation is confidential.  We are being as transparent as we can be within the law.  We have no timeline on the district attorney’s investigation and they will make the determination. 


“Jackie Lacy (L.A. County District Attorney) has not prosecuted even one officer, and you need to be more sensitive to family members. Get it right, don’t be like L.A.,” a woman said.


Trudy Goodman from 2nd District said: “We have been asking for the result of this investigation. Now, when you have an outcry, within 30 days you’re ready to have some type of report.  You can quickly move on getting information on (the new stadium). This family has been waiting a  year.  We need transparency.”


“We said it would take a year, this is nothing new,” Butts said.


Kisha Michael’s sister said the family is “dealing with stress levels and nobody reached out.  Nobody said anything about what happened to my sister.  My mom still doesn’t know what’s going on.  It took us a long time to bury her and you know that.” 


Another woman criticized Butts for not approaching Michael’s mother when he attended the funeral.  Butts responded that he donated to the services and did not approach the mother out of respect for the family.


There were several interruptions and outbursts from the audience.


“Everyone is entitled to due process.  We have to conduct the investigation within the laws of the State of California.  We have great compassion for the family.  At the same time, I’m the mayor.  I cannot speak to things that are under litigation,” Butts said.


He added, “I will be glad to meet with the family as soon as we close the chambers.”


Councilman Eloy Morales said, “We can easily look disingenuous.  But we’d like nothing more than to see the result of this investigation so we can all move forward.  But as representatives, we come into a situation where we have our procedures in place.  We’re trying to be as sincere as we can.  Moving forward, if he (Butts) said he’s meeting with the family, he will do so.”


In other matters, a local business owner complained that the Century Blvd. street improvement project has negatively affected his business.  “I have had my store on Century Blvd that has been impacted significantly.  My business has lost about 70 percent since it started … I shouldn’t be in this position. I brought it up to the City before and I had no resolution.”


City Clerk Yvonne Horton reminded everyone that April 4th is Municipal Election Day. Early voting begins on March 6th, and the last day of voter registration is March 20th. 


Council members approved the following:


•A resolution by the City Clerk’s Office to destroy rosters from Election Years 2009, 2010, and 2011; and all records pertaining to the City of Champions Revitalization Initiative/Petition dated January 2, 2015.  Several residents spoke out against this action.


•Payment of invoices submitted by GRM Information Management Services of California, LLC for scanning services 


•A three-year blanket purchase order (with an option to extend for an additional year) with Vista Paint Corporation for paint used for graffiti removal 


•A funding agreement with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Phase VI Improvement Project


•A contract for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system upgrade at the Inglewood Water Treatment Plant


•Renewing of an agreement with CPower Enerwise Global Technologies, Inc. (CPower) to retain as a curtailment service provider for Southern California Edison’s “Share the Power Demand Response Program” 


You Haven’t Won Until It’s Done

Thursday, March 02, 2017

On November 8th, millions of people were shocked beyond belief when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.  All the polls indicated that she was sure to win. And even when she did win the popular vote over Donald Trump, she still lost the electoral vote, and therefore lost it all.


On February 5th, the Atlanta Falcons surprised everybody, getting out way ahead of the favored New England Patriots, with an impressive halftime score of 28-3.  At the end of the game, the Patriots came back to win it 34-28.


On February 26th, “La La Land” was announced as the Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards.  But not so fast.  In a crazy last minute envelope mix up, it was discovered that “Moonlight” actually won for Best Picture.


What do these three scenarios have in common?  Anything is possible, so never say never.


My point?  Just because it looks like you are winning doesn’t mean that you actually are.  Even if you are 99 percent sure your candidate will get elected or re-elected in the April 4 Municipal Election, you still need to vote.


Inglewood is on a fast track to becoming a serious destination city.  It continues to attract attention from major media, investors and Corporate America.  Its reputation as a sleepy community that people just drive through is quickly changing as folks realize it is the place to be.  


Multi-billion dollar investments and changing demographics are clear signs that people are seeing true value in this city.  Whatever you may have thought of Inglewood in the past, its rising valuation cannot be denied.  This is best evidenced by huge increases in property values.


With so much at stake and new people moving in every day, the stakes are higher now than ever.  The typically low voter turnout in Inglewood needs to be corrected.


There are council races going on in 2 districts and 3 seats need to be filled in school board advisory races. People say we need to do something to fix our schools.  Well, it starts with your vote.  


Incumbents in 3 of the races are running unopposed, but don’t let that be an excuse for not voting.  What if your candidate lost because people wrote in someone else’s name?  


Don’t take chances with your future.  Claim your stake in your community.


Get informed about the candidates and issues.  Be part of the process.  Check out our cover and find out who is running, and attend forums whenever you can.  If you are not registered, then get registered.  You have until March 20.  


By Veronica Mackey


L.A. basketball insiders are buzzing about the possibility of yet another professional ball team playing in Inglewood.  Word is NBA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is talking to NFL Rams owner Stan Kroenke about his state-of-the-art, $2.6-billion football stadium currently being built on the old Hollywood Park site.  It is scheduled to open in 2019.  


Last month, the NFL Chargers reached an agreement with Kroenke to share the new stadium with the Rams. The Clippers currently share L.A.’s Staples Center with the Lakers.


According to reports, Ballmer is a little tired of bowing down to the Lakers legacy.  Despite having a better record and better team, it is hard to live down the glory days of Shaq, Kobe and the “three-peat” championships at Staples from 2000-2002


Ballmer is reportedly unhappy with being treated like a stepchild at the Staple Center.  According to the Los Angeles Times, being the venue’s third tenant, behind the Lakers and NHL Kings, has put the team in an unfair position.  The Clippers have had to practice in their locker room while the ice rink from a previous Kings hockey game was being dismantled.


Sources are speculating that the basketball billionaire may want to build a new arena on the 298-acre site in Inglewood, which will include the stadium, an entertainment venue, retail and office space, restaurants, a hotel, parks and new homes.  Some say Ballmer would rather buy the land from Kroenke than be a tenant.  


Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts said adding a basketball arena to the development could delay opening the stadium by “18 months to two years.”  The City of Inglewood would have to go through a rezoning process and likely require an environmental impact report.  “It seems unlikely that the NFL and Rams would do something that would delay the opening date of the stadium,” Butts said.  


If the team moves to a new venue, Ballmer would want enough space to also house a training facility, according to ESPN.  The Clippers currently lease space at a facility in Playa del Rey.


The Clippers' lease with Staples runs through 2024.


The Lakers played at the Forum, just down the street from where the new NFL stadium is being built, before moving to Staples in 1999.  They won five NBA championships there.  What about moving to the Forum instead?


Someone with the user name of cygp2 posted this response on

“There is already a basketball arena on site: The Forum. If we are talking about refurbing The Forum again and the Clippers playing there instead of the Lakers, we really are in the weirdest timeline.”  Madison Square Garden spent $100 million to renovate the Forum and reopened the venue in 2014.


Another LAist reader named The Sports Dude said this:  “If the Clippers move to Inglewood, they could join the Rams and Chargers as teams LA doesn't want. Ballmer should move his team to Seattle.”


 “I believe it is unlikely that a basketball arena would be developed on the Hollywood Park site,” Butts said.


Is Inglewood a good move for the Clippers and their fans? Should the Forum become the Clippers’ new home?   Send me your thoughts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .





While schools, banks and government offices observe the holiday honoring our nation’s commanders-in-chief, President’s Day is, for most, lackluster.  All that changed on Monday when thousands took to the streets in observance of “Not My President’s Day.”  


The national protest against Donald Trump’s policies and the man himself was a cry for help. They want elected leaders to stop the president from enacting new laws which they say are unconstitutional, such as repealing Obamacare, travel bans against Muslims and mass deportation of illegal immigrants. 


While the Trump Administration has promised to end the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replace health care with something better, so far no specifics have been announced. Within days of Trump signing an executive order to ban entry into the U.S. by people in 7 Muslim countries, a federal judge in Seattle stopped it and issued a temporary restraining order.  


The loudest protest has come from those opposing arrests and deportation of undocumented individuals, and California is one of the most affected states.   


Last week, the Dept. of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released details about raids of individuals in the U.S. illegally, which resulted in detainment of 161 people in Southern California.  According to ICE, 95 people were arrested in Los Angeles County, 35 in Orange County, 13 in San Bernardino County, seven in Riverside County, six in Ventura County and five in Santa Barbara County.


Similar operations were conducted across the country, with more than 680 people arrested, according to federal authorities. The Department of Homeland Security followed Trump’s directive to remove immigrants who are here illegally and who pose a threat to public safety. 


Mass deportation efforts have sparked fears among illegal immigrants.  Although the raids by federal authorities are said to be aimed at criminals and those who violated immigration laws, not everyone detained fits those categories, some say.


“I am working with my constituents and the immigrant community to ensure they know their rights,” Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, D-Commerce, said.  “As this process moves forward, I will also ensure my constituents know what the next steps are, where applicable.”


American employers and landlords are feeling the effects of the raids.  A local contractor who used to hire day laborers looking for work in front of Home Depot said men, fearing deportation, no longer congregate there.  An apartment manager said two of his tenants moved suddenly, and their cell phones have been disconnected. 


The bulk of those arrested were from Mexico. Others come from countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, China, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Honduras, Belize, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Israel and South Korea. 


Affected immigrants are encouraged to call the toll-free hotline of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles at (888) 624-4752 for assistance and access to attorneys. 




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