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Former Inglewood Councilman Mike Stevens Dies

Written by Thursday, January 14, 2016
Former Inglewood Councilman Mike Stevens passed away on December 19, 2015 from cancer, a source said. The news came as a shock to many who did not know that he was sick. Funeral services were held January 11th at the Inglewood Center for Spiritual Living at 525 N. Market St., Inglewood, according to Elected in March 2011 to the Inglewood City Council with a 20 percent lead in the popular vote, Stevens represented the…

Inglewood Speaks Out

Written by Monday, December 28, 2015
The topic and issue of gentrification of urban neighborhoods is an obviously touchy one, but with that question being asked on a consistent basis here in Inglewood, it was time to touch on it ourselves. In a week’s time, the article circulated around the community, sparking conversations with residents from Compton to Culver City to San Bernardino to both Manhattan and Redondo Beach. We asked the question,” Can Gentrification Be A Good Thing For Inglewood?”…

Homeless Choir Members to Sing at White House

Written by Monday, December 28, 2015
A choir from Atlanta’s Central Night Shelter are on their way to the White House—an unlikely destination for a group of homeless men. The group will perform this month at the White House Open House Holiday Celebration The Atlanta Homeward Choir was founded three years ago as “a group of men who get together to sing, make music and come in out of the cold,” founder Donal Noonan told the Huffington Post. After completing their…

Residents Celebrate New Ramp

Written by Thursday, December 24, 2015
In the 10 years I’ve been back in the community, near my house is a shopping center and everyday like clockwork, my neighbors, mostly older women, struggle to drag their grocery baskets filled with goods down a flight of stairs. It also never fails that residents in wheelchairs or with disabilities are forced to risk being hit by cars as they ride alongside the curb to make it to 104th Street. This week, that inconvenience…

The Season of Giving

Written by Thursday, December 24, 2015
Scrounging around for something holiday-ish to report, I thought about doing a piece comparing holiday traditions of Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. Too boring. Then I thought, the one thing that these holidays have in common is gift giving. Everyone should have a holiday gift whether they are naughty or nice. So, here are a few gift ideas that can appeal to both types on your list. First, the naughty: 1.“Talk to the Hand” Doll: Wind…
It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the 90305, as the City of Inglewood and the “Fabulous” Forum announced plans for an event that is rapidly becoming a beloved holiday tradition -- the City’s annual “Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony” -- to be held on Thursday, December 3. Last December, nearly 4,000 residents attended the first Lighting Ceremony at the historic venue, a fun event which included joyful children meeting Santa Claus, a presentation…

New Name, Same Soul

Written by Thursday, November 26, 2015
On Saturday November 14th, I made my way up Manchester Blvd., thinking about how I wanted to approach the Inglewood Open Studios tour to create the narrative for our short documentary on the event. Before arriving at our 11am call time, I stopped by a half-century old A-Framed building from the early 1960’s, which used to be an IHOP, but had recently, flipped its identity around. Flip It Café, was celebrating its re-grand opening with…
It’s a good time to live in Inglewood! And one of the best reasons for home owners is that property values in Inglewood have increased over 50 percent since 2012. Odest Riley Jr., President of WLM Financial in Inglewood is working hard to help stakeholders make the most of this upward trend. “When people in Inglewood tell me they want to sell, I say no, you want to refinance and stay. When you see the…

Can Gentrification Be A Good Thing For Inglewood?

Written by Thursday, November 19, 2015
By: Thomas Bunn We’ve all heard the whispers, and on occasions, the loud arguments. Spike Lee has gone on long rants, PBS has produced hour-long specials, Jimmy Fallon has made light hearted jokes about it, and recently, a Los Angeles Times writer attempted to dispel the racial theory associated with the big “G” word, by pointing out that Blacks and any middle class, college educated person for that matter, gentrify communities as well. Does that…

1000 Families to Receive Turkeys on Thursday

Written by Thursday, November 19, 2015
For the second year running, Snoop Dogg will join Mayor James T. Butts, Inglewood Council members and community stakeholders to brighten Thanksgiving Day for needy residents. Inglewood’s annual turkey giveaway will take place on Thursday, November 19 from 9am to noon at the Fabulous Forum. Last year, hundreds of families turned out for 2014’s turkey giveaway, and now Snoop, the City of Inglewood and the Forum will pitch in and help distribute Thanksgiving turkeys and…

Inglewood’s Growing Artist Community

Written by Thursday, November 12, 2015
In the past few years, the City if Inglewood has been on a tear when it comes to its celebration of, support of, proliferation of arts in the city. From Inglewood Art Day, to the IGAP celebrations earlier in the year, to the Inglewood Open Studio’s 9th Annual art exhibition, Inglewood is becoming more and more an artist-friendly community. It makes sense in the larger scheme of things, most progressive and rapidly developing cities around…

Afternoon Council Meetings May Become the Norm

Written by Thursday, November 05, 2015
Commentators at the Inglewood City Council meeting spoke out against a proposed workforce reduction plan and changes to council meeting hours. A woman in jeopardy of losing her job and a union representative commented on proposed layoffs . The union rep complained that there was no opportunity to meet and confer on the matter before it was presented to City Council. He added that future meetings are planned with the City’s Human Resources staff. There…

The Avenues Shine For Halloween

Written by Thursday, November 05, 2015
During the little bit of TV my family and I watch at home, you can’t help but be amazed by the commercials that promote events months in advance. I remember I was watching Disney Channel with Isis and mind you, it’s mid-July, and they are already getting the kids ready for their “Boo For You” Halloween series. I had to laugh, but not before the thousands of questions came rolling in, “Daddy, can I be…

Inglewood’s Newest Ambassador

Written by Thursday, October 29, 2015
Who doesn’t love a good surprise? A room full of people, all eager to see your face as you open the door to a celebration in your honor is one of the most heart-warming experiences in the world. And if you’re caught too off guard, it can bring you to tears. In the community room of City Hall, balloons inflated and tables were dressed as City staff filed in one by one in anticipation of…

Council Okays Bond for Housing Improvements

Written by Thursday, October 29, 2015
At Tuesday’s council meeting, Mayor James Butts re-enforced the rules for speaking about financial matters. Public comments at the beginning are limited to the warrant registry or checks issued or received by the City. General finances may be discussed at the end of the meeting. A public hearing was held to receive public comments on the issuance of tax-exempt revenue bonds by the California Public Finance Authority. The bonds will finance the acquisition and rehabilitation…
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