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Remembering Brenda Marsh-Mitchell

Written by Thursday, August 07, 2014
A community advocate and icon has passed away, leaving behind a legacy of justice and unity. Brenda Marsh-Mitchell succumbed to cardiac failure after being rushed to emergency surgery on August 2. Marsh-Mitchell was the Special Assistant to Danny Bakewell, Sr., publisher of the Los Angeles Sentinel. She is credited with heading the organization of the annual “Taste of Soul Street Festival,” which has grown in popularity and been successfully held since 2008. She was also…

Water Conservation: Doing Our Part

Written by Thursday, August 07, 2014
By Anne Cheek LaRose All of California is experiencing the worst drought in 40 years and we are currently in the third consecutive drought year. Add in the heat waves we’ve experienced recently, and we could be in for big problems if we don’t begin to conserve water. In fact, Governor Brown has declared a statewide drought emergency. The City of Los Angeles has stringent watering rules and stiff fines for non-compliance. The County has…

Seeking Comfort in City Hall

Written by Thursday, July 31, 2014
By Veronica Mackey A tearful father whose son was murdered in Inglewood drew support from the city council and residents at Tuesday’s meeting. It also inspired a conversation about gun violence. Mr. Rivera, a 22-year resident who is legally blind, read a letter to Mayor James Butts and council members about his heartbreak and frustration in trying to bring the elusive killer to justice. “My son was killed on La Brea and Hyde Park. They…

Bring on the Culture

Written by Thursday, July 31, 2014
By Thomas Bunn Over the weekend, the City of Inglewood offered the community a rare treat that had residents and guests moving and shaking all Saturday afternoon well into the evening. The City of Inglewood and the good people of the Inglewood Cultural Arts Organization co-sponsored the inaugural Afro Latin Festival of Music and Dance. As the sun reached its highest point in the sky, groups of families and friends made their way to the…
By Veronica Mackey Article in Los Angeles Business Journal Highlights Inglewood’s Smart Business Moves The City of Inglewood made the cover of the Los Angeles Business Journal this week (July 7, 2014)—a pivotal moment that further cements the growing consensus that the “City of Champions” is back. David Nusbaum’s full page-plus article titled, “Inglewood Gets Down to Business,” and separate commentary by editor Charles Crumpley on a possible NFL stadium, chronicle the city’s inevitable comeback.…
Last time 2UrbanGirls spoke with Gerald “Slink” Johnson, we discussed his role in Grand Theft Auto 5, which set 6 world records, including grossing over $1 billion dollars in less than a week. He is now playing the starring role of “Black Jesus” created by Aaron McGruder, most recognizable for his cartoon strip turned TV show, The Boondocks. Back in the days when you attended Inglewood High School, could you imagine all of the success…

Angry Dad’s ‘Hot Car’ Video Goes Viral

Written by Thursday, July 17, 2014
A North Carolina father of three has brought the tragedy of leaving small children unattended inside hot cars to headline news in a big way. Terry Bartley uploaded a video on June 20 which has gone viral and is raising awareness across the world. Bartley produced his “Hot Car Challenge” to warn parents to stop leaving their kids alone inside their cars. He was outraged after the death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris, left alone in…

Go Team Dream!

Written by Thursday, July 17, 2014
By Veronica Mackey Congratulations are in order for the Inglewood-based Team Dream Basketball Academy, gold medal winners in the California Games. The City of Inglewood honored the young champions July 16 at Rogers Park. They presented Mayor James Butts with a medal. “We have a team of kids who never give up. They play their hardest when it’s necessary,” said Assistant Coach Barry Hargress. The team, which practices at Rogers Park, and has been around…

Saving the Babies

Written by Thursday, July 17, 2014
By Veronica Mackey A team of young Inglewood residents and workers at Chuco’s Justice Center educated the public about the issues affecting youth at Tuesday’s meeting. There were kudos all around for the center, which is changing lives. Chuco’s has a continuation high school and a host of programs and services, including a free legal clinic, transportation assistance, counseling and assistance for ex-felons. Kids come to the center with addictions, problems with the law, school,…

Inglewood Good for Working Women, Study Says

Written by Thursday, July 17, 2014
By Veronica Mackey Still riding high as last week’s feature and commentary subject in the Los Angeles Business Journal (July 7, 2014), Inglewood got another shot in the arm from NerdWallet. The financial literacy website named Inglewood as among the “Best Medium-Sized Cities for Women in the Workforce.” Ranking 8th out of 20, in its category among U.S. cities, Inglewood was rated on: Women’s earnings, the median salary for full-time, year-round female workers in each…

Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Fireworks

Written by Wednesday, July 02, 2014
Nothing can put a damper on holiday spirit worse than ending up in jail. City officials in South Bay cities and in the City of Los Angeles are hoping the public will adhere to the rules of firework safety, obey the laws, and avoid spending July 4th behind bars. This year, law enforcement agencies will be out in full force, cracking down on illegal fireworks activities. Residents say it’s about time. Detectives, working in conjunction…

Border Crisis in Murietta

Written by Wednesday, July 02, 2014
The slow moving road to immigration reform picked up momentum in the wrong direction this week as a potential showdown between California and Texas erupted. Texas lawmakers, faced with a barrage of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican-U.S. border, and not a clue about what to do with them; Latinos who support them; and Californians who oppose them, has turned into one big, ugly mess. "I’m getting hundreds of phone calls," said Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Corona).…

50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act

Written by Wednesday, July 02, 2014
Fifty years ago, on July 2, President Lyndon Johnson signed the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law. Our government has been enforcing the law ever since. It contains sweeping legislation that demands compliance from every sector of American life—from schools, to housing, employment, transportation and public facilities. But we all know that one stroke of a pen from a president is just the beginning. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was framed primarily…
The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners authorized a $10-million grant last week to the Lennox School District for construction of sound-mitigation elements in its Classroom Sound Insulation Program. This is the second installment for the district’s $35.3-million overall program. In this second work program, the Board authorized immediate payment of $4,079,000 to reimburse for expenses already accrued. The remaining $5,921,000 will be released to the district once additional reports are submitted showing need for…

MPC: Fundraiser Or Fraud?

Written by Wednesday, June 11, 2014
In what appears to be another attempt to lie and deceive the community, owners of the Morningside Park Chronicle, a so-called newspaper were caught, once again, lying to the public. A recording revealed Teka lying to residents of Inglewood, in an effort to raise money. In her own words, the Morningside Park Chronicle publisher said she and her husband Randall have been publishing their newspaper for 3 years. Don't believe it. She is lying to…

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