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“The customer is always right” mentality has rolled over into almost every aspect of consumer life. From designer nail shops to personally designed tennis shoes, we generally tell people to give us exactly what we want or we take our business elsewhere.


The ability to choose is one of the highlights of living in America. A large variety of choices drive companies to deliver better, cheaper products. One company’s deficiency is another company’s goldmine. 


The problem with this thought process is that we sometimes forget the rule of supply and demand does not always apply to everything. Take for instance a mortgage loan or mortgage refinance. These things have a lot to do with your specific circumstances at that time.


Wanting a low down payment, lower interest rate, or reasonable monthly payment has very little to do with what you want and everything to do with how qualified you are to get that rate. You can’t come through the door with bad credit, behind on bills and zero dollars saved and expect to buy a house.


This being said, now is the time to learn what it takes to get you qualified to receive the lowest rates and best programs. With a little hard work and patience, you can take your credit score and financial rating to another level.


For assistance on buying, selling or enhancing the value of your home, contact WLM Financial at 310 905-7421 or visit


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