On May 30, 2013, Inglewood Today News first reported through a Willie Brown editorial on an incident that occurred on May 24, 2013, when Mr. Joseph Teixeira removed campaign fliers of then City Council Candidate Alex Padilla from the top of a waste receptacle at Fabulous Burgers and disposed of them in the receptacle.  Seconds later, the campaign fliers were removed from the trash receptacle by a third party and returned to the top of the receptacle.  Mr. Teixeira has always contended his actions were justified under the circumstances and that no crime was committed. 


While we continue to believe that the disposal of Mr. Padilla’s campaign fliers by Mr. Teixeira was inappropriate, Inglewood Today’s newspaper and Internet reports inaccurately and incorrectly characterized Mr. Teixeira as “a thief,” “a petty thief” and “an alleged thief,” because no crime was committed. 


Upon further investigation, Inglewood Today News could not confirm that Mr. Teixeira worked for or supported then Councilwoman Judy Dunlap.  Inglewood Today also retracts its statements that Mr. Teixeira ran from the restaurant or that he destroyed the fliers, as first reported. 


In addition, while it continues to be our belief that the act of intentionally disposing of a candidate’s campaign materials was improper, we regret and retract any references to Mr. Teixeira as a bandit, as well as statements to the effect that he drove away from the premises in a getaway car.  We take seriously our responsibility to set the record straight, and apologize to Mr. Teixeira for our inaccurate reporting (hereinafter the “Retraction”).”

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