Welcome to the Divided States of America

Thursday, November 17, 2016 Written by 
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By Veronica Mackey

It’s not the type of response one would expect after a presidential election in America.  Sure, there’s always disappointment, but nothing like what we’ve seen during the last week.

On par with the most divisive campaign in modern history, spontaneous protests over last week’s election results have ripped this country even farther apart.  

#NotMyPresident protests continue to spring up organically from the streets of Los Angeles to high schools in D.C.  Even middle school students in Iowa are expressing their discontent.

While Hillary Clinton won the popular votes, Donald Trump won the most electoral votes, and therein lies the problem. The whole voting process has disenfranchised Millennials, many who voted for the very first time.


What happened? There are a few theories.


The polls lied when they showed Clinton ahead.  The electoral college system needs to be abolished. FBI Director James Comey had it in for Clinton.  Democrats ignored nearly half of voters who were dissatisfied and turned to Trump.


The controversial president-elect has had an ongoing love-hate relationship with members of his own Republican party from Day One.  Many disavowed him due to his vulgar language, lies and unsteady temperament.  But now that he has won, all is forgiven.  


Most of us, however, cannot afford to be so charitable.  We must remain watchful of who’s who and what’s what.  One corrupt leader or greedy Wall Street lobbyist put in a position of power could place us on a downward path from which we may never recover.


The Root reports that last month, tenants in 3 Trump Place apartment buildings in New York petitioned to have Trump’s name removed from the buildings because they were embarrassed by him. 


The website noted:


“On Tuesday, the company that owns the buildings acquiesced and told the residents that the buildings will be renamed after their addresses — 140, 160 and 180 Riverside Blvd. — and Trump’s name would be removed.”


Seems people either love or hate the new president-elect, want to be near him or distance themselves as far away from him as possible.  


America can never be “great again” as long as it is divided.  So, what will it take to become the United States of America once more?


There are a few ideas.


Listen to the concerns of both sides—Trump and Clinton voters. Hold your elected officials accountable and verify everything.  Show more compassion and respect for others, pay your taxes, save your money, improve your education, learn a new skill, and hug your kids more often


Remember, powerful people like Trump and Washington politicians will be okay, no matter what.  We’ll have to fend for ourselves to create a system that is fair for everyone. United, we must stand and divided, we will surely fall. 



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