Persistence Shown by Council and Michaels-Sandlin Supporters

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By Veronica Mackey


The July 17 birthday of Kisha Michael, a woman shot and killed by Inglewood police, brought new fervor among her supporters at Tuesday’s council meeting.  They held up photos of Kisha and her friend Marquintan Sandlin, also killed, during the meeting.  On July 17, supporters say they attended a birthday party in honor of Kisha and her twin sister Patricia, who is still  alive.


The group, who have been attending council meetings weekly since February, are demanding answers and “reparations” for Michael’s and Sandlin’s 7 children.  Mayor James Butts and members of the Inglewood City Council has been just as persistent telling them there is nothing they can provide because the County District Attorney is still investigating the case.


“You have evidence that this was murder, clear and simple.  If there was one minute of tape that exonerated officers…you would have shown that.  You wouldn’t hesitate,” a man said.


Other speakers accused the council of not having a “heart.”


Mayor Butts has repeatedly said they should contact the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, and the City Council does not have the access or authority to release details or footage regarding the shootings.  So far the 5 police officers involved have terminated their employment with the City.  It is not clear if they were all fired or resigned.  


Erick Holly, president of the Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce responded to the remarks:  “This is getting ridiculous.  They’ve been told many times that this needs to be handled downtown.  No one has gone downtown, they keep coming here. The family is moving forward with their lives.”


Councilman Alex Padilla also responded to the remarks:  “The D.A. is doing their own investigation.  It’s very tedious, they have to be done right the first time.  The council is not trying to hide anything.  It’s a process that we have to go through.  You can continue to come and we will continue to tell you that we don’t have the information.”  


He then commended the Inglewood Police Department for recently apprehending a suspect and recovering a handgun.


“For folks who come from outside the city, there are things they can point at, but we are responsible for our city,” Councilman Eloy Morales said in reference to the protestors.  “Remember, when everyone leaves the meeting  we live here.”


“Councilman Padilla and I have, collectively, 69 years of law enforcement experience,” Mayor James Butts said.  “We have a lot of experience dealing with tragedies that occur.  In life, there are processes to deal with—good and bad …The council (is not) privy to certain material.  We could not release material to you if we had it. 

“Councilman George Dotson invited the public to attend his “Family Day in the Park,” which is being held July 30 in conjunction with “Taste of Inglewood.”  The family day will be held at Edward Vincent Park, at Florence and Centinela.


Council members approved:


•An agreement for the City of Inglewood’s Main Library Ceiling Tiles Restoration project


•A two-year maintenance agreement (with the option to extend for one additional year) with Xerox Corporation for the maintenance of 49 copiers


•An agreement with Giga Kom to replace the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for the Inglewood Public Library


•A resolution ratifying appointments to the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB) made by various member cities: 


•The City of Hawthorne re-appointed Mr. Jay Fowler, General Manager of Republic Services, and Ms. Patricia Donaldson, Owner of Active Security Solutions, Inc.; The City of Redondo Beach re-appointed Mr. Bob, Owner of HCD Incorporated; The City of Manhattan Beach re-appointed Mr. Joe Ahn, Division Manager of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Northrop Grumman Corporation;  The City of Carson appointed Ms. Tami Lorenzen-Fanselow, President of F.C.L. Logistics, Ltd.: The City of Lawndale re-appointed Ms. Ruthi Davis, Economic and Community Development representative; The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor re-nominated Mr. Ed de Brito, Apprenticeship Director for the Southern California Cement Masons; The Los Angeles County Community Action Board re-nominated Dr. Lance Williams, Community Action Board member; and The City of Hermosa Beach appointed Mr. Ray Diab, Manager at Restaurant Poulet Du Jour. All positions will expire between June 30, 2019 and June 30, 2021.   


•Morales nominated and Butts appointed Alfonoso Hernandez, Jr. to the Inglewood Youth Commission.


•An ordinance was adopted, approving secured property tax rates for the Fiscal Year beginning October 1, 2017


•The meeting was closed in memory of Loystein Irving, who passed away recently.  She was a member of the Inglewood School Board from 1991-2003, President of the 2nd Avenue Block Club and also served in the church community.







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