Carson Stadium Moving Forward or Backward?

Thursday, November 19, 2015 Written by 
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The City of Inglewood is braced for developers to demonstrate that the proposed $1.86 billion athletic stadium, advanced by St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke, does not present an air navigation hazard and for construction to begin in 2016.  The development will be a tremendous boost to the City of Inglewood and its completion has been likened to the Staples Center development in Downtown Los Angeles.  


Meanwhile, many questions  remain unanswered and unresolved surrounding the proposed stadium that is still on the drawing board for the City of Carson, even though the 157 acre ‘Landfill Site,’ requires major remedial and regulatory corrective action and may be months, if not years away.


Inglewood Today attempted to interview Carson Mayor Albert Robles to glean more information about the status of the proposed Carson Stadium.  Specifically, questions were presented to Mayor Robles’ office, at their request that would address the following:  


What is the status of the Remedial Action Order that addresses the clean-up requirements of the site? When it will be completed?  What do you expect they will find and will the report’s impact have an effect on plans to proceed with construction?


Have the San Diego Chargers, the Raiders or a joint venture entity closed the deal on purchasing the proposed site from the City of Carson?  When will escrow close?  Are the terms of the sale favorable or unfavorable to Carson – financially?


Is their purchase or other site acquisition contingent on the results of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control report?


What is the latest on the Owner Participation Agreement, executed in 2006, where it was agreed that the developer pay the cost of all site amendments, which will substantially increase the cost?  


Have the parties to the proposed deal maintained their commitment in terms of payments to the City of Carson and vice versa?


With regard to required remediation expenses, how much will Carson have to pay, in the end to deliver the stadium?  Is that a good and valuable benefit for Carson residents?


Describe how confident you are about the future of an NFL stadium and team in Carson?


What do you want Carson residents to know now about the current state of the deal and behind- the-scenes maneuvering that surrounds this challenging opportunity for Carson?


What may Carson residents reasonably expect in the short, medium and long term, related to the Carson stadium?


Bottom line, what would you as the mayor like to see happen, and what do you think—as of today—is really going to happen regarding a Carson Football Stadium and team, and when?


Mayor Robles’ office contacted Inglewood Today and indicated that he was not available for an interview before the noon deadline that had been requested.  His office also did not respond to the questions above.  


Mayor Robles was featured on a local radio news broadcast on Tuesday and indicated that the process of delivering an NFL team to Carson is moving forward and the team owners may make a decision in January.  He also said. “Nobody knows what is going to happen.”


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