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IIC Increases Awareness of Breast Cancer

Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Inglewood Imaging Center held its Second Annual "Pink" Breast Cancer Awareness Event recently at their main office on Prairie Avenue.  This year's event is called "Pink42,” highlighting the need to support breast cancer disparity that can be upwards of 42% higher in certain communities than others.  


IIC's 2016 event was a big success—with nearly 200 attendees—and this year had more attendees demonstrating community support.  


Second District Councilman Alex Padilla said he was “delighted to see this special event grow, and looks forward to next year's invitation.”


IIC’s event was part of the nationwide effort to make people more aware and hopefully prevent incidences breast cancer. Similar efforts are made every October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 


Bradley Schmidt, Founder/CEO of IIC, said “Embrace the Community” is more than just our company motto, it defines our goals, vision and commitment to provide you with the best diagnostic imaging experience available today.” 


IIC has invested millions of dollars into the new state-of-the-art imaging center to ensure that patients receive the most accurate medical imaging tests found anywhere in Southern California.


“I want to thank Brad Schmidt, Founder and CEO, for his strong commitment to bring awareness and high quality services to address this awful disease,” Councilman Padilla said.  “Brad truly cares about this issue and is making a difference in this field.  Keep up the good work, Brad.”




We Must All Speak Out

Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Astros’ Yuli Gurriel will think again before he pulls his eyes back to make fun of Asian Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish—or any Asian on national television.  The first baseman who had just hit a home run off of Darvish’s pitch on Oct. 27 returned to the dugout feeling like a top dog. 


Gurriel laughed as he made the gesture.  He also used the word “chinito,” or “Chinese boy,” in reference to Darvish, who is of Iranian and Japanese descent.


The latest episode of race and identity in professional sports comes at a time when NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem is in the center of a heated national debate.  


Gurriel, a white player, was slapped with a suspension and had to apologize the next day.  On Wednesday, the day of World Series Game 7, members of an Asian coalition met in Los Angeles to respond to Gurriel’s gesture and Major League Baseball.  They slammed the MLB for taking too long to issue a suspension. 


Major League Baseball officials said Gurriel will be suspended without pay for five games at the start of the 2018 season and will have to undergo sensitivity training. He won’t miss any games in the World Series.


One of the men said it was like catching a child doing wrong and saying you will punish them next year. “If this had been done against an African American player, he would have been suspended immediately,” another man said.


I’m not sure about that.  This is the World Series and there is very little to keep a star player from playing.  Barring serious sickness or a murder charge, it’s about winning and that’s that! If it seems Black Americans can get swifter justice, it’s only because we get hit harder and more often than other people of color. But when you look at the highly disproportionate numbers of African Americans who are unemployed or incarcerated, the numbers are higher than other folks.  


Every time racism affects anyone, it affects everyone.  We cannot let it go unchecked, or perpetrators will feel emboldened to keep up the bad behavior.  If we don’t speak out, it will continue.  No matter how many times folks feel entitled to flippantly say or do whatever they want without considering other people’s feelings, someone has to stand up, open their mouth and say, “Excuse me, but that’s not right.”


I applaud the coalition for speaking out against the MLB’s handling of Gurriel.  Feel free to join the rest of us, and speak out more often.


By Veronica Mackey


On Tuesday, the City of Inglewood voted to build a new hotel in District 4.  A resolution was passed to amend the 2017-18 budget to include a $11,610 deposit to cover costs of an environmental review.


A woman who is against the new hotel said the City doesn’t care about what the residents want. 


Councilman Ralph Franklin, whose district will house the hotel, clapped back with reasons why he supports the project.  He said residents complained there were too many motels in Inglewood, and the City has not allowed more in.  He also talked about the blight problem and said a chain hotel offers an upgrade to the city.


“On 111th Street, on the southwest corner of Prairie, a home caught on fire. Now we have an opportunity to have a national hotel there…This is a key location where we can offer our families and friends a place to stay.”  For those who don’t like the idea of a new hotel in Inglewood, Franklin had this to say:


“If they want to live in Mayberry, maybe they should move back to Mayberry, but this city is on the rise.”


“Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?” Mayor James Butts joked. 


Curtis Mitchell, Ray Davis and Willie Agee support having a new hotel in the city.   “I am excited that you, the mayor, and council are doing this. There will be thousands of people coming into town that are going to need hotels,” Mitchell said.


Davis said, “I hope everyone realizes the days of coming with your hat in your hand is over. We can demand what we want now, and I would hope the mayor will get the best use out of our city.”  He added that he wants the hotel to be water-friendly and have solar energy capacity. 


 “I’ll be proud to see a hotel off the 405 Freeway.  Franklin, I can remember you fighting about that corner for a long time.  Great job,” Agee said.

Council members also approved a final tract map for 12 condos at 501 E. 99th Street, a services agreement with various contractors to bid on painting and refinishing projects, reimbursement of the City by Hollywood Park Card Club Investors for work related to signage and construction on Century Blvd. at Crenshaw Blvd. and Doty Ave.  The Inglewood Municipal Code will be amended to remove five City employee commissioners from the Housing Advisory Commission, and add one commissioner nominated by Mayor Butts.


Inglewood resident Suzette Craft spoke out after having her third claim denied for alleged civil rights violations by the City, related to an incident that occurred on September 21, 2016. Craft accused Inglewood police of being nonresponsive to claims of harassment, identity theft, threats of bodily harm and other violations against her by neighbors.  She said “calls to administrative offices go unreturned and issues have been unaddressed.  Basically, I’ve been silenced.  How can I address you guys if I’ve been told verbatim, don’t call here?”


A woman complained about receiving a brochure from IRATE Inglewood in the mail.  


I don’t know who they are, but if there is something wrong then we need to fix it as residents.  Please stop sending this!  They have it addressed to Mr. Howard.  I am Ms. Howard.  I have never been a ‘mister’ in my life.”  


IRATE Inglewood is an entity, reportedly  based outside Inglewood, that has been sending mailers stating the City wants to take people’s homes to build the new Clipper’s arena.


“I am disappointed that people have come to me and are scared they are losing their homes.  To have a home owner come, and be afraid for no other reason than they got something in the mail…” Councilman Eloy Morales said.


Joe Torres from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. presented the City of Inglewood with an EDDY Award for being a finalist for the “Most Business Friendly City.”  


On Saturday, October 28 from 10am to 2pm, Inglewood residents are invited to dispose of their expired medications in front of City Hall, One Manchester Blvd.  Kaiser on La Brea Ave., across from City Hall, also has a permanent drop box for unwanted medications.


City Treasurer Wanda Brown announced she will conduct her annual financial literacy internship program from Nov. 2-30.  The internship will take place every Thursday and will teach young people how to become financially independent, staying out of debt and much more.  For more information, call the office at (310) 412-5642.


During closing remarks, Councilman George Dotson noted the significance of the City’s EDDY Award, and how increased traffic relates to a robust economy.  “I began to notice that every city I went to that had a lot of traffic had a lot of money.  The traffic doesn’t bother me anymore because I know that’s money coming into the city of Inglewood.  


Councilman Alex Padilla gave a shout out to Inglewood Today publisher Willie Brown for last week’s successful Best of Inglewood Awards Ceremony. “It was so nice to be able to recognize the businesses in Inglewood and the Miracle Theatre looks really nice inside.  There was so much excitement watching these different business owners,” he said. 


“Willie Brown has been at this for awhile,” Councilman Morales said.  “Back in 2000, he had IBON—the Inglewood Business Opportunity Network. But I think he was ahead of his time.  Now, the people are ready for the Best of Inglewood.”



Councilman Padilla  acknowledged the 60th year anniversary of the Elks Lodge in Westchester and Red Ribbon Week from Oct. 23-Oct. 31.  The week raises awareness and prevention of drug use by youth.    


Councilman Franklin announced that resurfacing along  Imperial Hwy.  from Van Ness Ave. to Prairie Ave. will soon begin.  He also thanked Louis Atwell, Inglewood Public Works Director, for intervening in a project from Southern California Edison which would have left residents without electricity on short notice.  


“They gave us a notice on Friday, Oct. 13th that they were going to shut off electricity from 8pm Friday to Saturday at 4pm.  That was not going to happen and Public Works Director Louis Atwell made sure that didn’t happen.   We’re going to make them pull the permits correctly.”


Mayor Butts closed the meeting with good news.  “Today at noon we were notified of our fourth bond credit rating increase in 2 years. We used to have someone come here and say we’re a billion dollars in debt and we’re on a slippery slope.”


Butts talked about false rumors and statements made during televised council meetings and the necessity of setting the record straight.  “If I don’t come back and clean it up, people will believe it.  Thanks for Curtis Mitchell, Stuart Bailey, Willie Agee and Ray Davis who have the guts to say the truth.”


Calls for Meeting with Airlines to Discuss Troublesome Issues


BALTIMORE – The NAACP, the nation’s original and largest social justice advocacy organization, released the following statement on Tuesday, announcing a travel advisory warning African Americans about their safety and well being when patronizing American Airlines or traveling on American Airlines flights:


“The NAACP for several months now has been monitoring a pattern of disturbing incidents reported by African-American passengers, specific to American Airlines. In light of these confrontations, we have today taken the action of issuing national advisory alerting travelers—especially African Americans—to exercise caution, in that booking and boarding flights on American Airlines could subject them to disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions. This travel advisory is in effect beginning today, October 24, 2017, until further notice.


The series of recent incidents involve troublesome conduct by American Airlines and they suggest a corporate culture of racial insensitivity and possible racial bias on the part of American Airlines.  Among these incidents: 


1. An African-American man was required to relinquish his purchased seats aboard a flight from Washington, D.C. to Raleigh-Durham, merely because he responded to disrespectful and discriminatory comments directed toward him by two unruly white passengers;


2. Despite having previously booked first-class tickets for herself and a traveling companion, an African-American woman's seating assignment was switched to the coach section at the ticket counter, while her white companion remained assigned to a first-class seat;


3. On a flight bound for New York from Miami, the pilot directed that an African-American woman be removed from the flight when she complained to the gate agent about having her seating assignment changed without her consent; and

4. An African-American woman and her infant child were removed from a flight from Atlanta to New York City when the woman (incidentally, a Harvard Law School student) asked that her stroller be retrieved from checked baggage before she would disembark.


The NAACP deplores such alarming behavior on the part of airline personnel, and we are aware of these incidents only because the passengers involved knew their rights, knew to speak up and exercised the courage to do so promptly. Historically, the NAACP has issued travel advisories when conditions on the ground pose a substantial risk of harm to black Americans, and we are concerned today that the examples cited herein may represent only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to American Airlines' documented mistreatment of African-American customers." 


“All travelers must be guaranteed the right to travel without fear of threat, violence or harm,” stated Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP. “The growing list of incidents suggesting racial bias reflects an unacceptable corporate culture and involves behavior that cannot be dismissed as normal or random.  We expect an audience with the leadership of American Airlines to air these grievances and to spur corrective action.  Until these and other concerns are addressed, this national travel advisory will stand.”




Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation's oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities. 


By Veronica Mackey


On October 18, the mystery of who would be crowned winners of the Best of Inglewood contest was finally revealed.  Scores of Inglewood business owners and well wishers came to the newly refurbished Miracle Theatre, 226 W. Market Street, to see who would take home bragging rights.  Over a 4-week period, Inglewood Today readers cast votes for their favorite businesses in more than 20 categories.  While top businesses were named in contest promotions, names of final winners were keep secret until the awards ceremony.


The night began with Mistress of Ceremony Linda Coleman-Willis introducing the man behind Best of Inglewood, Inglewood Today Publisher Willie Brown.  With a big smile, Brown welcomed the lively crowd and talked about how exciting it is to have the city rally around Inglewood’s business community.


“The Best of Inglewood is about you,” he told business owners.  “The people of Inglewood thought so highly of you that they voted your business among the top in Inglewood, and you need to know that.”  Brown then called Mayor James Butts to the stage, who was obviously pleased by the turnout.  


Mayor Butts congratulated all of the nominees and said he appreciates what entrepreneurs have to endure to succeed in business.  “The closest that I or council members come to running a business is when it’s time for re-election.  Then we go to work, we have to sell you on our record for the past 4 years.”


Councilmen George Dotson, Alex Padilla and Eloy Morales also congratulated Inglewood Today and business owners.


"We are all fortunate to live in Inglewood and our city could not be the same without our great businesses.  So many of these businesses touch us daily and never get the recognition they deserve,” Councilman Morales said.


Councilman Alex Padilla commented on how the Best of Inglewood promotion brought a new level of excitement to the city.  “It allows us to showcase the different cultures represented in our city.  I can’t wait to try the food at the different restaurants and shop at the stores,” he said.


“I want to thank everyone who came out tonight,” said Councilman George Dotson. “This is a great turnout and next year it’s going to be even better.”


Brandon Stansell from the Office of Assemblywoman Autumn Burke was present, along with Hamilton Cloud and Dr. Nicole J. Robinson from the Office of Congresswoman Maxine Waters.


Coming into the theatre, attendees were met by delicious cuisine from Dulan’s Soul Food and cocktails by Lavender Blue.  Music filled the house from start to finish, thanks to the Jacques Lesure Quartet.  The versatile band played music to reflect virtually every award given, like “Smile” for the best dentist category, and a bar of blues for the best soul food.


With remarks made, Coleman-Willis began reading names of voters and called them on the stage.  Each received either $100, free pizza for a year by Papa John’s or Metro LA pre-loaded TAP cards.


Award nominees were the next group to be recognized.  Before lining up for a group photo, each was given a $75 off coupon for a future ad in Inglewood Today. 


Then came the moment that everyone had waited for—the big reveal! Winners in each category were given certificates—one from Inglewood Today and one from the Office of Assemblywoman Autumn Burke—and a $150 off coupon for a future ad in Inglewood Today.  Additionally, overall top vote getters were given full one-year memberships in the Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce.


 And the Best of Inglewood winners are…Orleans & York Deli, Best Overall Restaurant; Woody’s Barbecue, Best Barbecue; Ms. Ruby’s, Best Fast Food; Car Max, Best Car Dealership; The Savoy, Best Bar & Grill; Bourbon Street Fish, Best Seafood; Wok on the Wild Side, Best Asian Food; Verizon, Best Mobile Phone; Inglewood Car Wash, Best Car Wash; Jamz, Best Ice Cream or Yogurt; Fiesta Martin Bar & Grill, Best Mexican Food; Little Belize, Best Caribbean Food; The Lounge, Best Barber Shop; Bizzie Bee, Best Child Care; Dulan’s Soul Food, Best Soul Food; Tumby’s Pizza, Best Pizza; Inglewood Tire & Auto, Best Automotive Repair; New Image Dental, Best Dental Clinic, Spa 313, Best Beauty Salon; and Lisa’s Beauty Salon, Best Nail Salon.  Top overall vote getters are Dulan’s Soul Food and Fiesta Martin Bar & Grill.


And there you have it—the Best of Inglewood.  Whether named the overall winner, top vote-getter in their category or nominee, they’re all winners and deserving of our support.  Actually, everyone in the city is a winner because we’re on the receiving end of the best businesses around.   


Inglewood Today would like to thank our sponsors, the best corporate citizens ever:  L.A. Metro, Papa John’s Pizza, Hollywood Park Casino, Centinela Hospital and Marvin Engineering for their generous support. Thanks also to Mayor James Butts, Members of the Inglewood City Council, Inglewood Airport Chamber of Commerce President Erick Holly, Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. A big thanks to Owen Smith, owner of the Miracle Theatre.


Next year, the Best of Inglewood will be back, bigger and better.  If you’d like to get in on this opportunity to showcase your business, volunteer, or become a sponsor, call Willie Brown at (310) 670-9600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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